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LJS 119 Manuscript leaf from a collection of papal decretals


Manuscript leaf from a collection of papal decretals


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LJS 119
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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Part of a leaf, used in a binding, of a canon law manuscript, containing papal decretals of Lucius III, Alexander III, and Urbanus III. The manuscript, written in a Gothic script in France in the 14th century, was written in 2 columns of 46 lines, surrounded by 2 columns of commentary. This fragment shows the outer column of main text and most of the outer column of commentary, with the rubrics De sententia et re iudicata on the recto and Iure iurando on the verso in the main text. 2 decretals on the recto are listed in Jaffé's Regesta pontificum Romanorum (Quia indicante abbate Cessano monasterii Sancti Petri, v. 2, no. 14106; Dilecti filii nostri abbas et fratres monasterii Sancti Ebulsi, v. 2, no. 13729). 3-line initials at the beginning of the decretals alternate between red with blue filigree and blue with red filigree; 1-line initials for the popes cited alternate between red and blue.


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