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LJS 255 Manuscript leaf from De casibus virorum illustrium


Manuscript leaf from De casibus virorum illustrium


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LJS 255
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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The University of Pennsylvania Libraries


In Middle French


Partial leaf from a mid-15th century copy of Laurent de Premerfait's second translation of Boccaccio's De casibus virorum illustrium, from the chapter on Theseus (10.1-17), beginning with the rubric Le Xe chappitre contient le cas de Theseus, roy dathenes, Et commence ou latin Athene. Written in lettre bâtarde by a single hand in France, possibly Paris, in 2 columns, bottom of the leaf missing, 48 lines extant out of approximately 60, frame-ruled in lead. Decorated on the recto with an unfinished (outlines and touches of color) 26-line miniature depicting the suicide of Phaedra in the larger upper section and Theseus in exile in Cyprus in the smaller lower section; a border of flowers, acanthus leaves, and gold ivy leaves above the left column and an unfinished (gold leaves only) border on the left side of the left column; and a 5-line initial in pink on gold ground.


1 leaf : 330 x 296 mm


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Decoration: Illuminated miniature, unfinished, Side 1
Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial A, Side 1
Decoration: Illuminated border, unfinished, Side 1

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