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LJS 359 Liber canonis


Liber canonis


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LJS 359
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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The University of Pennsylvania Libraries




Written in England between 1250 and 1299 (Quaritch).
between 1250 and 1299


Sections from Books 1 and 2 of Avicenna's 11th-century comprehensive medical work, as translated into Latin in the 12th century by Gherardo da Cremona. Book 1 addresses medicine generally; the section in the manuscript is from the first treatise and concerns the four elements. Book 2 is devoted to materia medica. A few small stemmata are drawn in the lower margins in Book 1(f. 3r-4r), and marginal notes and headings appear throughout, with marginal chapter numbers in the section from Book 2 (f. 12r-17v). Repairs to the centers of leaves in the section from Book 1, with vellum patches and text supplied in the first half of the 14th century (f. 5-11; Quaritch).


17 leaves : 284 x 210 (184 x 125) mm. (Book 1); 287 x 213 (208 x 144) mm. (Book 2)


Parchment, i (modern paper wrapper) + 17 + i (modern paper wrapper); 1¹²(-1) 2² 3⁸(-4); columns numbered in an early hand, upper outer corners, 5-40 (Book 1, f. 3r-11v) and 351-354, 371-374, 347-350, 355-358, 367-370, 375-376, 378-379 (misnumbered for 377-378; Book 2, f. 12r-17v). Possible catchword on last verso (f. 17v).


Sewn in modern paper wrapper.


Written in 2 columns of 52 (Book 1) and 58 (Book 2) lines; frame-ruled in lead with double horizontal bounding lines in Book 1 and double vertical bounding lines in Book 2; prickings visible.


6-line puzzle initial in red and blue with flourishing in red and blue (f. 1r); 1-line initials alternating between red and blue in the table of contents (f. 1r-2v); 2-line initials alternating between red and blue, with contrasting flourishes, in Book 1 (f. 3r-11v); running head L[iber] I in red and blue, sometimes with simple flourishes in the contrasting color (f. 1r-11v); underlining and rubrication in red throughout; manicules in brown and red ink throughout most of Book 1 (f. 3r-9r).


Written in Gothic script by at least 2 hands (f. 1r-11v, 12r-17v); 14th-century Gothic script on repairs; 17th- and 18th-century pen trials and inscriptions (f. 12v, 13v, 17v).


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Front wrapper
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Inside front wrapper
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Fol. 1r
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Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial L, f. 1r
Decoration: Manicule, f. 1r

Fol. 1v
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Fol. 2r
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Fol. 2v
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Fol. 3r
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Decoration: Manicule, f. 3r
Decoration: Drawing, Face, f. 3r

Fol. 3v
0031_0007.tif (57.9 MB)
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Decoration: Manicule, f. 3v
Decoration: Drawing, Face, f. 3v

Fol. 4r
0031_0008.tif (57.9 MB)
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0031_0008_web.jpg (451.7 KB)
Decoration: Manicule, f. 4r
Decoration: Drawing, Face, f. 4r

Fol. 4v
0031_0009.tif (57.9 MB)
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Decoration: Manicule, f. 4v
Decoration: Drawing, Face, f. 4v

Fol. 5r
0031_0010.tif (57.9 MB)
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Decoration: Manicule, f. 5r

Fol. 5v
0031_0011.tif (57.9 MB)
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Decoration: Manicule, f. 5v

Fol. 6r
0031_0012.tif (57.9 MB)
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Decoration: Manicule, f. 6r
Decoration: Drawing, Face, f. 6r

Fol. 6v
0031_0013.tif (57.9 MB)
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Decoration: Manicule, f. 6v

Fol. 7r
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0031_0014_web.jpg (436.9 KB)
Decoration: Manicule, f. 7r
Decoration: Drawing, Face, f. 7r

Fol. 7v
0031_0015.tif (57.9 MB)
0031_0015_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
0031_0015_web.jpg (440.6 KB)
Decoration: Manicule, f. 7v

Fol. 8r
0031_0016.tif (57.9 MB)
0031_0016_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
0031_0016_web.jpg (438.1 KB)
Decoration: Manicule, f. 8r
Decoration: Drawing, Face, f. 8r

Fol. 8v
0031_0017.tif (57.9 MB)
0031_0017_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
0031_0017_web.jpg (458.8 KB)
Decoration: Manicule, f. 8v
Decoration: Drawing, Face, f. 8v

Fol. 9r
0031_0018.tif (57.9 MB)
0031_0018_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
0031_0018_web.jpg (441.9 KB)
Decoration: Manicule, f. 9r
Decoration: Drawing, Face, f. 9r

Fol. 9v
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Fol. 10r
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Fol. 10v
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Fol. 11r
0031_0022.tif (57.9 MB)
0031_0022_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
0031_0022_web.jpg (447.9 KB)

Fol. 11v
0031_0023.tif (57.9 MB)
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0031_0023_web.jpg (445.5 KB)

Fol. 12r
0031_0024.tif (57.9 MB)
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0031_0024_web.jpg (514.6 KB)

Fol. 12v
0031_0025.tif (57.9 MB)
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0031_0025_web.jpg (497.7 KB)

Fol. 13r
0031_0026.tif (57.9 MB)
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Fol. 13v
0031_0027.tif (57.9 MB)
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0031_0027_web.jpg (503.9 KB)

Fol. 14r
0031_0028.tif (57.9 MB)
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0031_0028_web.jpg (482.5 KB)

Fol. 14v
0031_0029.tif (57.9 MB)
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Fol. 15r
0031_0030.tif (57.9 MB)
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Fol. 15v
0031_0031.tif (57.9 MB)
0031_0031_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
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Decoration: Manicule, f. 15v

Fol. 16r
0031_0032.tif (57.9 MB)
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0031_0032_web.jpg (520.3 KB)

Fol. 16v
0031_0033.tif (57.9 MB)
0031_0033_thumb.jpg (6.1 KB)
0031_0033_web.jpg (507.0 KB)
Decoration: Drawing, Face, f. 16v

Fol. 17r
0031_0034.tif (57.9 MB)
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0031_0034_web.jpg (499.5 KB)

Fol. 17v
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Inside back wrapper
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Back wrapper
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No spine
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