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LJS 383 Ratiffication pour noble Gaolon Garnier dit de la Galliniere


Ratiffication pour noble Gaolon Garnier dit de la Galliniere

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LJS 383
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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The University of Pennsylvania Libraries


In Middle French


A legal document, labeled a ratification, concerning nobles Pierre Paul of Marseille and Gaolon Garnier dit de La Galliniere, written in southern France and dated 30 September 1592, with signatures and notarial attestations. Written in up to 30 long lines in French notarial script. The contract is on 3 bifolia, with the text in the first half of the gathering (f. 1r-3r), leaving the second half (f. 3v-6v) blank except for a summary inscription, also identifying the document as a ratification, for filing purposes (f. 6v).


6 leaves : 266 x 178 (203 x 120) mm





Fol. 1r
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Fol. 1v
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Fol. 2r
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Fol. 2v
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Fol. 3r
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Fol. 3v
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Fol. 4r
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Fol. 4v
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Fol. 5r
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Fol. 5v
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Fol. 6r
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Fol. 6v
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