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LJS 501 Bifolium from Liber completus in iudiciis stellarum


Bifolium from Liber completus in iudiciis stellarum


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LJS 501
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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Written in England in approximately 1320 (Quaritch).
approximately 1320


Bifolium from a 14th-century manuscript copied in England of the mid-13th-century Latin translation by Aegidius de Thebaldis (assisted by Petrus de Regio) of the Old Castilian translation of an 11th-century Arabic treatise on astrology. The text on the bifolium is from Book 5 and Book 6 of the work, which are in the section concerning nativities. The bifolium has been bound in reverse so that the leaf with the end of Book 5 and the beginning of Book 6 (and the historiated initial marking the division) are on the first leaf, followed by the originally earlier leaf containing material from Chapter 14 of Book 5. Two marginal section headings (f. 2r) in the same hand as the text; a few brief marginal annotations.


2 leaves : 314 x 234 (246 x 170) mm bound to 346 x 260 mm


Modern paper over cardboard, with gilt cover label (Ibn Abi 'l-Rijal, Liber in iudiciis stellarum, England, circa 1320, MS 1317 ES).


Written in 2 columns of 53 lines; prickings visible.


8-line historiated initial depicting a monk and a woman with an armillary sphere on a gold ground (slightly rubbed) with a bar border in blue, red, and gold with ivy-leaf finials extending through the full left margin and into the upper and lower margins (f. 1r); 2 3-line decorated initials, one a puzzle initial in red and blue with penwork in red and blue (f. 1r) and the other in red with blue penwork (f. 1v); alternating red and blue paragraph marks.


Written in Gothic script.


Subjects topical





Front cover
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Inside front cover
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Decoration: Seller's description, Inside front cover

Flyleaf 1 recto
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Flyleaf 1 verso
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Fol. 1r
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Decoration: Historiated initial, Initial I, Woman and monk holding armillary sphere, f. 1r
Decoration: Puzzle initial, Initial C, f. 1r

Fol. 1v
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Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial C, f. 1v

Fol. 2r
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Fol. 2v
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Flyleaf 1 recto
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Flyleaf 1 verso
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Inside back cover
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Back cover
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