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LJS Misc-6 John Hunt indenture :


John Hunt indenture :


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LJS Misc-6
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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The University of Pennsylvania Libraries


Indenture dated 6 June 1772 by John Hunt concerning a parcel or parcels of land in Mannington Township, Salem County, N.J., with Mounce Keen of Mannington Township as the other party. Text, including signature of John Hunt, lost to trimming on right and bottom edges. The document includes references to Jeremiah and Robert Rains (written Raines in this manuscript) and Mary Bottle, also related to the Rains family. The description of the land refers to a neighboring parcel owned by Roger Melton. A note on the verso dated 8 June 1772 reports the statement by Elisha Bassett (noted as a Quaker) before Common Pleas Court Judge Preston Carpenter vouching for the now missing signature of John Hunt, signed by Bassett and Carpenter, with remnants of Carpenter's wax seal. Ruled in lead and written in cursive script with a few words in calligraphic letters.


1 395 x 545 mm. (trimmed)


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