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Ms. Codex 1485 Ledger of accounts for the estate of Leonora Concini


Ledger of accounts for the estate of Leonora Concini


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Ms. Codex 1485
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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The University of Pennsylvania Libraries




Written in Italy (probably either Florence or Terranuova Bracciolini, Arezzo) between 1646 (f. 1v) and 1649 (f. 35r).


Ledger of accounts of the inheritance of Leonora Concini marchesa di Monte, daughter of Giovanbattista Concini, for the years 1646-1649, probably written by Leonora's sister, Camilla Concini Medici. Often includes the nature of a payment received or disbursed and its amount, as well as listing the names of the individuals that act as counterparts in the transactions. The first part of the ledger (f. 1v-6v) contains the payment received, and the second part (f. 20r-35v) contains the payments disbursed. Most of the transactions are, however, related to the large estate left by Leonora, containing liquid funds, real property, and valuable objects (some of which are sold); the estate of the marchesa included at least one house in Florence, and one outside the city, in San Giovanni Valdarno, and a part of the furniture and the works of art found therein are also sold. Credits owed by Florentine noblemen (including members of the Salviati and Capponi families and the Monte di Pietà and the Monte del Sale, both lending institutions of Florence) are settled with the heirs of Leonora. Likewise, unresolved debts with various counterparts are paid with some of the revenues derived from the inheritance. Salaries of employees and workers of Leonora (including a maid and various farmers) that were left unpaid at the time of her death were also paid with the aforementioned inheritance. A small number of debts with members of the Concini family, including Camilla herself and her sister Lucrezia, are also present in the ledger and settled. The present manuscript is smaller than the size of the original volume either covered by or planned for its binding and some leaves appear to be missing.



Unidentified watermark containing a circle, an oblong human head with a thick neck and pointy nose and a crown.


35 leaves : 233 x 169 mm. bound to 246 x 178 mm


Paper, i (contemporary paper) + 35; [1], 2-35, contemporary foliation in ink, modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto (f. 7-19 are blank but ruled).




Contemporary parchment, no. 80 on spine; heading Concini 1643 on upper cover; the heading Entrata e uscita, Marchesa Leonora Concini 1647 on upper cover; lower cover wraps around upper cover with remnants of leather tie.


  • Written in 2 columns with vertical bounding lines in lead; the large column on the left with the transaction and a brief description of it, and the smaller one on the right with its amount.
  • Script

  • Written in a cursive script, probably in the hand of Camilla Concini.
  • Subjects topical




    Front cover
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    Inside front cover
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    Flyleaf 1 recto
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    Flyleaf 1 verso
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    Fol. 1r
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    Fol. 1v
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    Fol. 2r
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    Fol. 2v
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    Fol. 3r
    0885_0008.tif (96.4 MB)
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    Fol. 3v
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    Fol. 4r
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    Fol. 4v
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    Fol. 5r
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    Fol. 5v
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    Fol. 6r
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    Fol. 6v
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    Fol. 7r
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    Fol. 7v
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    Fol. 8r
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    0885_0019.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0025.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0026.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0027.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0028.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0029.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0030.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0037.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0038.tif (96.4 MB)
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    Fol. 18v
    0885_0039.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0039_web.jpg (199.9 KB)

    Fol. 19r
    0885_0040.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0040_thumb.jpg (3.0 KB)
    0885_0040_web.jpg (212.0 KB)

    Fol. 19v
    0885_0041.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0041_thumb.jpg (3.0 KB)
    0885_0041_web.jpg (205.0 KB)

    Fol. 20r
    0885_0042.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0042_thumb.jpg (6.6 KB)
    0885_0042_web.jpg (330.0 KB)

    Fol. 20v
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    0885_0043_thumb.jpg (6.0 KB)
    0885_0043_web.jpg (312.2 KB)

    Fol. 21r
    0885_0044.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0044_web.jpg (333.4 KB)

    Fol. 21v
    0885_0045.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0045_web.jpg (329.0 KB)

    Fol. 22r
    0885_0046.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0046_thumb.jpg (6.6 KB)
    0885_0046_web.jpg (329.6 KB)

    Fol. 22v
    0885_0047.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0047_thumb.jpg (6.4 KB)
    0885_0047_web.jpg (323.1 KB)

    Fol. 23r
    0885_0048.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0048_thumb.jpg (6.7 KB)
    0885_0048_web.jpg (335.6 KB)

    Fol. 23v
    0885_0049.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0049_thumb.jpg (6.3 KB)
    0885_0049_web.jpg (315.1 KB)

    Fol. 24r
    0885_0050.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0050_thumb.jpg (6.7 KB)
    0885_0050_web.jpg (328.6 KB)

    Fol. 24v
    0885_0051.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0051_thumb.jpg (6.7 KB)
    0885_0051_web.jpg (322.7 KB)

    Fol. 25r
    0885_0052.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0052_thumb.jpg (6.9 KB)
    0885_0052_web.jpg (338.6 KB)

    Fol. 25v
    0885_0053.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0053_thumb.jpg (6.7 KB)
    0885_0053_web.jpg (328.4 KB)

    Fol. 26r
    0885_0054.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0054_thumb.jpg (6.7 KB)
    0885_0054_web.jpg (332.2 KB)

    Fol. 26v
    0885_0055.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0055_thumb.jpg (6.5 KB)
    0885_0055_web.jpg (314.4 KB)

    Fol. 27r
    0885_0056.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0056_thumb.jpg (6.5 KB)
    0885_0056_web.jpg (314.3 KB)

    Fol. 27v
    0885_0057.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0057_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0885_0057_web.jpg (305.9 KB)

    Fol. 28r
    0885_0058.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0058_thumb.jpg (6.1 KB)
    0885_0058_web.jpg (323.5 KB)

    Fol. 28v
    0885_0059.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0059_thumb.jpg (6.2 KB)
    0885_0059_web.jpg (316.1 KB)

    Fol. 29r
    0885_0060.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0060_thumb.jpg (6.3 KB)
    0885_0060_web.jpg (324.1 KB)

    Fol. 29v
    0885_0061.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0061_thumb.jpg (6.5 KB)
    0885_0061_web.jpg (323.0 KB)

    Fol. 30r
    0885_0062.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0062_thumb.jpg (6.3 KB)
    0885_0062_web.jpg (319.4 KB)

    Fol. 30v
    0885_0063.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0063_thumb.jpg (6.6 KB)
    0885_0063_web.jpg (317.5 KB)

    Fol. 31r
    0885_0064.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0064_thumb.jpg (6.5 KB)
    0885_0064_web.jpg (321.9 KB)

    Fol. 31v
    0885_0065.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0065_thumb.jpg (6.7 KB)
    0885_0065_web.jpg (317.3 KB)

    Fol. 32r
    0885_0066.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0066_thumb.jpg (6.9 KB)
    0885_0066_web.jpg (328.8 KB)

    Fol. 32v
    0885_0067.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0067_thumb.jpg (7.0 KB)
    0885_0067_web.jpg (330.5 KB)

    Fol. 33r
    0885_0068.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0068_thumb.jpg (7.1 KB)
    0885_0068_web.jpg (336.7 KB)

    Fol. 33v
    0885_0069.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0069_thumb.jpg (7.2 KB)
    0885_0069_web.jpg (333.5 KB)

    Fol. 34r
    0885_0070.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0070_thumb.jpg (7.2 KB)
    0885_0070_web.jpg (349.2 KB)

    Fol. 34v
    0885_0071.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0071_thumb.jpg (7.0 KB)
    0885_0071_web.jpg (343.8 KB)

    Fol. 35r
    0885_0072.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0072_thumb.jpg (6.3 KB)
    0885_0072_web.jpg (328.1 KB)

    Fol. 35v
    0885_0073.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0073_thumb.jpg (4.0 KB)
    0885_0073_web.jpg (242.1 KB)

    Inside back cover
    0885_0074.tif (96.4 MB)
    0885_0074_thumb.jpg (4.2 KB)
    0885_0074_web.jpg (348.6 KB)

    Back cover
    0885_0075.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0076.tif (96.4 MB)
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    0885_0076_web.jpg (78.0 KB)