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Ms. Codex 1523 La mina sventata


La mina sventata

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Ms. Codex 1523
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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The University of Pennsylvania Libraries




Written in Italy, in 1683 (f. 1r).


Manuscript containing three historical documents related to the Turco-Polish and Austro-Turkish wars, with a focus on the events of 1682-1683. The first document, originally written in Latin by a Polish soldier, is a historical essay which aims to describe the various misdeeds committed by the French army in Poland when they were fighting against the Hungarian rebels and the Ottoman soldiers. The essay, written in the first person and in a colloquial tone, sometimes using some of the linguistic devices that characterize private correspondence, also includes a defense of the position of Poland, described as a courageous country of soldiers that fought honorably under King John III Sobieski, without having to resort to the dishonest tactics employed by the French. The Polish are also portrayed as the only real allies of the Habsburg court, as the French intervention during the Siege of Vienna was slow and ineffective. The second document is a copy of the speech pronounced by the Polish ambassador at the Holy Roman court, Zieroveschi(?), in the presence of John III Sobieski in 1682. Zieroveschi expressed disdain for a rumor he heard at the court of Leopold I, spread by the ambassador Du Ternay Boucaut (referred to as Du Ternaji Bucò in the manuscript), that Poland was supporting the Turks. The third document contains information on the evidence, collected by Zieroveschi, that supported his stance taken in the aforementioned speech. In succession, there are copies of five short letters exchanged between the ambassador of the Holy Roman emperor, Du Ternay Boucaut and Pietro Taibel(?) and the head of the rebels Techeli(?), discussing various moments of the conflict, in particular the siege of Filech(?), probably located in Hungary.



Unidentified watermark containing a small eagle with the initials F T underneath.


22 leaves : 275 x 190 (225 x 145) mm. bound to 277 x 189 mm


Paper, 22; 1-21, [22], contemporary foliation in ink, modern foliation in ink, upper right recto.




Paper cover.


  • Written in 24 long lines. Catchwords, lower right verso.
  • Script

  • Written in a cursive script.
  • Provenance

    Subjects topical




    Front cover
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    Inside front cover
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    fol. 1r
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    fol. 1v
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    fol. 2r
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    fol. 2v
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    fol. 3r
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    fol. 3v
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    fol. 4r
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    fol. 4v
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    fol. 5r
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    fol. 5v
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    fol. 6r
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    fol. 6v
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    fol. 7r
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    fol. 7v
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    fol. 8r
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    fol. 8v
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    fol. 9r
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    fol. 9v
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    fol. 10r
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    fol. 10v
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    fol. 11r
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    fol. 11v
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    fol. 12r
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    fol. 12v
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    fol. 13r
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    fol. 13v
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    fol. 14r
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    fol. 14v
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    fol. 15r
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    fol. 15v
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    fol. 16r
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    fol. 16v
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    fol. 17r
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    fol. 17v
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    fol. 18r
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    fol. 18v
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    fol. 19r
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    fol. 19v
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    fol. 20r
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    fol. 20v
    0948_0041.tif (58.9 MB)
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    fol. 21r
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    fol. 21v
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    fol. 22r
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    0948_0044_web.jpg (231.3 KB)

    fol. 22v
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    Inside back cover
    0948_0046.tif (58.9 MB)
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    Back cover
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    0948_0048.tif (58.9 MB)
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