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Ms. Codex 319 Gli amori di Tibullo e Glicera


Gli amori di Tibullo e Glicera


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Ms. Codex 319
(3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206., University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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University of Pennsylvania


Italian, with headings and occasional marginal notes in Latin


Written in Italy, probably in the late 15th century, based on style of illumination and script.
between 1475 and 1499?


Prose work consisting of a set of dialogues between Tibullus and Glicera (f. 1r-12r). Also includes a second work by the same author: "Opusculum ... in amorem quo ratio ac apetitus loquentes inducuntur" (f. 12v-20v). Second work written in 400 lines of verse and consists of a dialogue between Reason and Appetite.



20 leaves : 266 x 180 (167 x 92) mm. bound to 270 x 182 mm


Parchment, i (18th-century paper) + 20 + i (18th-century paper); [1-20]; modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto.




18th-century vellum (Zacour-Hirsch).


  • Written in 25 long lines; ruled in drypoint; prickings visible.
  • Decoration

    3-line illuminated initial E with white vine-stem (bianchi girari) ornamentation (f. 1r); 2-line illuminated initials in blue, green, white, gold, and purple in first work (f.1r-12r); rubricated throughout.


  • Written in a humanist script by a single hand.
  • Provenance

    Subjects topical




    Table of contents



    Front cover
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    Inside front cover (Note visible)
    0357_0001.tif (48.3 MB)
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    Decoration: Owner note, Inside front cover

    Inside front cover (Duplicate)
    0357_0002.tif (48.3 MB)
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    Inside front cover (Bookplate visible)
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    Decoration: Bookplate, Inside front cover

    Flyeaf 1 recto
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    Flyleaf 1 verso
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    fol. 1r
    0357_0006.tif (48.3 MB)
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    0357_0006_web.jpg (238.6 KB)
    Section: Gli amori di Tibullo e Glicera, f. 1r
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial E, f. 1r

    fol. 1v
    0357_0007.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0007_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0357_0007_web.jpg (290.0 KB)
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial S, f. 1v

    fol. 2r
    0357_0008.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0008_thumb.jpg (4.1 KB)
    0357_0008_web.jpg (267.5 KB)
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial L, f. 2r

    fol. 2v
    0357_0009.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0009_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0357_0009_web.jpg (228.5 KB)
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial Q, f. 2v

    fol. 3r
    0357_0010.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0010_thumb.jpg (4.1 KB)
    0357_0010_web.jpg (213.7 KB)

    fol. 3v
    0357_0011.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0011_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0357_0011_web.jpg (312.8 KB)
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial N, f. 3v

    fol. 4r
    0357_0012.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0012_thumb.jpg (4.0 KB)
    0357_0012_web.jpg (312.3 KB)
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial S, f. 4r

    fol. 4v
    0357_0013.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0013_thumb.jpg (4.6 KB)
    0357_0013_web.jpg (237.8 KB)

    fol. 5r
    0357_0014.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0014_thumb.jpg (4.2 KB)
    0357_0014_web.jpg (267.8 KB)
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial G, f. 5r

    fol. 5v
    0357_0015.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0015_thumb.jpg (4.4 KB)
    0357_0015_web.jpg (338.8 KB)
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial N, f. 5v

    fol. 6r
    0357_0016.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0016_thumb.jpg (4.1 KB)
    0357_0016_web.jpg (302.3 KB)

    fol. 6v
    0357_0017.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0017_thumb.jpg (4.6 KB)
    0357_0017_web.jpg (233.2 KB)
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial N, f. 6v

    fol. 7r
    0357_0018.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0018_thumb.jpg (4.2 KB)
    0357_0018_web.jpg (212.1 KB)
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial C, f. 7r
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial L, f. 7r
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial A, f. 7r

    fol. 7v
    0357_0019.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0019_thumb.jpg (4.5 KB)
    0357_0019_web.jpg (316.1 KB)

    fol. 8r
    0357_0020.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0020_thumb.jpg (4.2 KB)
    0357_0020_web.jpg (329.3 KB)

    fol. 8v
    0357_0021.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0021_thumb.jpg (4.6 KB)
    0357_0021_web.jpg (295.6 KB)

    fol. 9r
    0357_0022.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0022_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0357_0022_web.jpg (222.1 KB)

    fol. 9v
    0357_0023.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0023_thumb.jpg (4.4 KB)
    0357_0023_web.jpg (330.1 KB)

    fol. 10r
    0357_0024.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0024_thumb.jpg (3.9 KB)
    0357_0024_web.jpg (307.5 KB)

    fol. 10v
    0357_0025.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0025_thumb.jpg (4.6 KB)
    0357_0025_web.jpg (232.9 KB)

    fol. 11r
    0357_0026.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0026_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0357_0026_web.jpg (210.2 KB)

    fol. 11v
    0357_0027.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0027_thumb.jpg (4.4 KB)
    0357_0027_web.jpg (295.4 KB)
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial H, f. 11v

    fol. 12r
    0357_0028.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0028_thumb.jpg (3.3 KB)
    0357_0028_web.jpg (233.4 KB)

    fol. 12v
    0357_0029.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0029_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0357_0029_web.jpg (220.2 KB)
    Section: Opusculum ... in amorem quo ratio ac apetitus loquentes inducuntur, f. 12v
    Decoration: Illuminated initial, Initial P, f. 12v
    Decoration: Manicule, f. 12v

    fol. 13r
    0357_0030.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0030_thumb.jpg (4.0 KB)
    0357_0030_web.jpg (212.3 KB)

    fol. 13v
    0357_0031.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0031_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0357_0031_web.jpg (325.2 KB)

    fol. 14r
    0357_0032.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0032_thumb.jpg (4.0 KB)
    0357_0032_web.jpg (293.8 KB)

    fol. 14v
    0357_0033.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0033_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0357_0033_web.jpg (230.3 KB)
    Decoration: Manicule, f. 14v

    fol. 15r
    0357_0034.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0034_thumb.jpg (4.0 KB)
    0357_0034_web.jpg (198.9 KB)
    Decoration: Manicule, f. 15r

    fol. 15v
    0357_0035.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0035_thumb.jpg (4.4 KB)
    0357_0035_web.jpg (297.0 KB)

    fol. 16r
    0357_0036.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0036_thumb.jpg (4.1 KB)
    0357_0036_web.jpg (261.1 KB)

    fol. 16v
    0357_0037.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0037_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0357_0037_web.jpg (216.1 KB)

    fol. 17r
    0357_0038.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0038_thumb.jpg (4.1 KB)
    0357_0038_web.jpg (190.4 KB)

    fol. 17v
    0357_0039.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0039_thumb.jpg (4.4 KB)
    0357_0039_web.jpg (257.3 KB)

    fol. 18r
    0357_0040.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0040_thumb.jpg (4.2 KB)
    0357_0040_web.jpg (246.0 KB)

    fol. 18v
    0357_0041.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0041_thumb.jpg (4.5 KB)
    0357_0041_web.jpg (210.0 KB)
    Decoration: Manicule, f. 18v

    fol. 19r
    0357_0042.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0042_thumb.jpg (4.1 KB)
    0357_0042_web.jpg (200.7 KB)

    fol. 19v
    0357_0043.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0043_thumb.jpg (4.5 KB)
    0357_0043_web.jpg (265.9 KB)

    fol. 20r
    0357_0044.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0044_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0357_0044_web.jpg (258.2 KB)

    fol. 20v
    0357_0045.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0045_thumb.jpg (3.9 KB)
    0357_0045_web.jpg (184.7 KB)

    Flyleaf 1 recto
    0357_0046.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0046_thumb.jpg (2.8 KB)
    0357_0046_web.jpg (173.6 KB)

    Flyleaf 1 verso
    0357_0047.tif (48.3 MB)
    0357_0047_thumb.jpg (6.0 KB)
    0357_0047_web.jpg (528.0 KB)

    Inside back cover
    0357_0048.tif (48.3 MB)
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    Back cover
    0357_0049.tif (48.3 MB)
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    0357_0049_web.jpg (232.8 KB)

    0357_0050.tif (48.3 MB)
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    0357_0050_web.jpg (70.7 KB)