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Ms. Coll. 390 Tithicintāmaṇisāriṇī



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Ms. Coll. 390
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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The University of Pennsylvania Libraries


In Sanskrit


Hindu astrological tables used for predicting the future, especially which days are auspicious in a given person's life. Some of the tables are incomplete, suggesting that the manuscript was still in use and incomplete. Includes some small diagrams and designs in pen and painted in a wash.



1 10 x 21 cm



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fol. 1r
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fol. 1v-2r
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Section: First set of tables begin, f. 1v

fol. 2v-3r
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Section: First set of tables end, f. 6r

fol. 6v-1r [=7r
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fol. 1v [=7v]-2r [=8r
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fol. 3v [=9v]-4r [=10r
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fol. 6v [=12v]-1r [=13r
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fol. 3v [=15v]-4r [=16r
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fol. 4v [=16v]-5r [=17r
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fol. 5v [=17v]-6r [=18r
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fol. 6v [=18v]-7r [=19r
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fol. 7v [=19v]-1r [=20r
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fol. 1v [=20v]-2r [=21r
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fol. 2v [=21v]-3r [=22r
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fol. 3v [=22v]-4r [=23r
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fol. 4v [=23v]-5r [=24r
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fol. 5v [=24v]-6r [=25r
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fol. 6v [=25v]-7r [=26r
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fol. 7v [=26v]-8r [=27r
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fol. 8v [=27v
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