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Ms. Codex 1207 Sommaires, discours des pretentions des tres illustres duc de Savoye sur la ville franche et imperiale de Geneve


Sommaires, discours des pretentions des tres illustres duc de Savoye sur la ville franche et imperiale de Geneve

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Ms. Codex 1207
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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The University of Pennsylvania Libraries


French, with a few citations in Latin


Written in Geneva, in the first half of the seventeenth century (Zacour-Hirsch).
before 1650
Geneva, Switzerland


Treatise arguing against the claims of the house of Savoy to the rule of Geneva. When the line of the counts of Geneva became extinct in 1394, the dukes of Savoy took over the territory and sought to gain political control over the city by promoting members of their family to the post of the Bishop of Geneva. During the Reformation, the bishops lost their political influence; the last Catholic bishop of the city and close ally of the Savoyards, Pierre de La Baume, fled Geneva in 1533. Having rid themselves of the Savoyard influence, the Genevans proclaimed themselves an independent state and in 1536 formally declared themselves a Protestant state to gain the support of Bern. The house of Savoy continued attempts to bring Geneva under their control through military campaigns until 1603, when they formally renounced all claims to the city by signing the treaty of St. Julien. The author begins with the city's earliest existence as a colony of the Romans. The text then discusses the sovereign rights that the city received from the Holy Roman Empire; under this loose confederacy, the bishops of Geneva held the title of prince of the Holy Roman Empire starting in 1154. The text then substantiates Geneva's historical ties to the Holy Roman Empire and the papacy and continuously seeks to establish its independence from the house of Savoy; it also enumerates various attempts by the house of Savoy to gain authority over Geneva, and provides documentary evidence to dispute the Savoyard claims. The author also discusses Geneva's complicated relationship with the Bernese, but does not address the Reformation in any specific detail. Although the author draws on evidence from wide-ranging periods in the city's history, the majority of the text focuses on the history of Geneva's internal politics and its relations with other Swiss cantons during the 16th century. The latest date mentioned in the manuscript is 1615, suggesting it was written in the early 17th century.



Circle with a half-moon at the bottom and a cross above the circle; initials [L.] G.


36 leaves : 267 x 175 (215 x 125) mm. bound to 270 x 180 mm


Paper, i + (modern paper) + 36 + i (modern paper); [1-36]; modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto.




Modern boards (Zacour-Hirsch).


  • Written in 25-28 long lines.
  • Script

  • Written in a cursive script by a single hand.
  • Provenance




    Front cover
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    Inside front cover
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    Flyleaf 1 recto
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    Flyleaf 1 verso
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    fol. 1r
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    fol. 1v
    1442_0005.tif (96.7 MB)
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    fol. 2r
    1442_0006.tif (96.7 MB)
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    1442_0006_web.jpg (316.0 KB)

    fol. 2v
    1442_0007.tif (96.7 MB)
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    1442_0007_web.jpg (315.8 KB)

    fol. 3r
    1442_0008.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0008_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    1442_0008_web.jpg (315.9 KB)

    fol. 3v
    1442_0009.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0009_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    1442_0009_web.jpg (317.7 KB)

    fol. 4r
    1442_0010.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0010_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    1442_0010_web.jpg (303.9 KB)

    fol. 4v
    1442_0011.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0011_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0011_web.jpg (309.2 KB)

    fol. 5r
    1442_0012.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0012_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0012_web.jpg (304.2 KB)

    fol. 5v
    1442_0013.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0013_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0013_web.jpg (305.2 KB)

    fol. 6r
    1442_0014.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0014_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0014_web.jpg (301.9 KB)

    fol. 6v
    1442_0015.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0015_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0015_web.jpg (310.4 KB)

    fol. 7r
    1442_0016.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0016_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    1442_0016_web.jpg (300.4 KB)

    fol. 7v
    1442_0017.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0017_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0017_web.jpg (305.4 KB)

    fol. 8r
    1442_0018.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0018_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    1442_0018_web.jpg (305.9 KB)

    fol. 8v
    1442_0019.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0019_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0019_web.jpg (312.9 KB)

    fol. 9r
    1442_0020.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0020_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0020_web.jpg (299.6 KB)

    fol. 9v
    1442_0021.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0021_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    1442_0021_web.jpg (306.6 KB)

    fol. 10r
    1442_0022.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0022_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0022_web.jpg (300.4 KB)

    fol. 10v
    1442_0023.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0023_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    1442_0023_web.jpg (322.4 KB)

    fol. 11r
    1442_0024.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0024_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0024_web.jpg (313.6 KB)

    fol. 11v
    1442_0025.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0025_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0025_web.jpg (314.5 KB)

    fol. 12r
    1442_0026.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0026_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    1442_0026_web.jpg (317.1 KB)

    fol. 12v
    1442_0027.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0027_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0027_web.jpg (329.1 KB)

    fol. 13r
    1442_0028.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0028_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    1442_0028_web.jpg (329.7 KB)

    fol. 13v
    1442_0029.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0029_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0029_web.jpg (325.2 KB)

    fol. 14r
    1442_0030.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0030_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0030_web.jpg (331.7 KB)

    fol. 14v
    1442_0031.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0031_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    1442_0031_web.jpg (337.6 KB)

    fol. 15r
    1442_0032.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0032_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0032_web.jpg (320.8 KB)

    fol. 15v
    1442_0033.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0033_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0033_web.jpg (328.1 KB)

    fol. 16r
    1442_0034.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0034_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    1442_0034_web.jpg (313.1 KB)

    fol. 16v
    1442_0035.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0035_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0035_web.jpg (323.2 KB)

    fol. 17r
    1442_0036.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0036_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    1442_0036_web.jpg (322.2 KB)

    fol. 17v
    1442_0037.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0037_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    1442_0037_web.jpg (329.5 KB)

    fol. 18r
    1442_0038.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0038_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    1442_0038_web.jpg (296.5 KB)

    fol. 18v
    1442_0039.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0039_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    1442_0039_web.jpg (314.5 KB)

    fol. 19r
    1442_0040.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0040_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    1442_0040_web.jpg (303.8 KB)

    fol. 19v
    1442_0041.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0041_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0041_web.jpg (308.1 KB)

    fol. 20r
    1442_0042.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0042_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0042_web.jpg (307.9 KB)

    fol. 20v
    1442_0043.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0043_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    1442_0043_web.jpg (298.6 KB)

    fol. 21r
    1442_0044.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0044_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    1442_0044_web.jpg (292.5 KB)

    fol. 21v
    1442_0045.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0045_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    1442_0045_web.jpg (317.0 KB)

    fol. 22r
    1442_0046.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0046_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    1442_0046_web.jpg (313.7 KB)

    fol. 22v
    1442_0047.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0047_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0047_web.jpg (331.5 KB)

    fol. 23r
    1442_0048.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0048_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0048_web.jpg (323.1 KB)

    fol. 23v
    1442_0049.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0049_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    1442_0049_web.jpg (336.3 KB)

    fol. 24r
    1442_0050.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0050_thumb.jpg (6.0 KB)
    1442_0050_web.jpg (331.9 KB)

    fol. 24v
    1442_0051.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0051_thumb.jpg (6.2 KB)
    1442_0051_web.jpg (338.0 KB)

    fol. 25r
    1442_0052.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0052_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0052_web.jpg (309.9 KB)

    fol. 25v
    1442_0053.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0053_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    1442_0053_web.jpg (325.0 KB)

    fol. 26r
    1442_0054.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0054_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0054_web.jpg (326.7 KB)

    fol. 26v
    1442_0055.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0055_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0055_web.jpg (327.7 KB)

    fol. 27r
    1442_0056.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0056_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    1442_0056_web.jpg (319.0 KB)

    fol. 27v
    1442_0057.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0057_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    1442_0057_web.jpg (312.1 KB)

    fol. 28r
    1442_0058.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0058_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0058_web.jpg (300.0 KB)

    fol. 28v
    1442_0059.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0059_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    1442_0059_web.jpg (315.3 KB)

    fol. 29r
    1442_0060.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0060_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0060_web.jpg (302.9 KB)

    fol. 29v
    1442_0061.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0061_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    1442_0061_web.jpg (309.0 KB)

    fol. 30r
    1442_0062.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0062_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    1442_0062_web.jpg (300.2 KB)

    fol. 30v
    1442_0063.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0063_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    1442_0063_web.jpg (304.5 KB)

    fol. 31r
    1442_0064.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0064_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    1442_0064_web.jpg (309.4 KB)

    fol. 31v
    1442_0065.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0065_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    1442_0065_web.jpg (303.5 KB)

    fol. 32r
    1442_0066.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0066_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    1442_0066_web.jpg (300.1 KB)

    fol. 32v
    1442_0067.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0067_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    1442_0067_web.jpg (298.9 KB)

    fol. 33r
    1442_0068.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0068_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    1442_0068_web.jpg (314.6 KB)

    fol. 33v
    1442_0069.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0069_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0069_web.jpg (323.0 KB)

    fol. 34r
    1442_0070.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0070_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    1442_0070_web.jpg (313.6 KB)

    fol. 34v
    1442_0071.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0071_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    1442_0071_web.jpg (314.1 KB)

    fol. 35r
    1442_0072.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0072_thumb.jpg (4.6 KB)
    1442_0072_web.jpg (265.9 KB)

    fol. 35v
    1442_0073.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0073_thumb.jpg (3.4 KB)
    1442_0073_web.jpg (213.5 KB)

    fol. 36r
    1442_0074.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0074_thumb.jpg (3.3 KB)
    1442_0074_web.jpg (208.9 KB)

    fol. 36v
    1442_0075.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0075_thumb.jpg (3.5 KB)
    1442_0075_web.jpg (210.3 KB)

    Flyleaf 1 recto
    1442_0076.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0076_thumb.jpg (2.8 KB)
    1442_0076_web.jpg (196.8 KB)

    Flyleaf 1 verso
    1442_0077.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0077_thumb.jpg (2.6 KB)
    1442_0077_web.jpg (207.2 KB)

    Inside back cover
    1442_0078.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0078_thumb.jpg (2.6 KB)
    1442_0078_web.jpg (201.9 KB)

    Back cover
    1442_0079.tif (96.7 MB)
    1442_0079_thumb.jpg (4.2 KB)
    1442_0079_web.jpg (333.8 KB)

    1442_0080.tif (20.8 MB)
    1442_0080_thumb.jpg (1.4 KB)
    1442_0080_web.jpg (38.1 KB)