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Ms. Coll. 390 Item 1828 Śīghrabodha / शीघ्रबोध




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Ms. Coll. 390 Item 1828
(3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206., University of Pennsylvania, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts)

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University of Pennsylvania


In Sanskrit


Astrological work associated with health; a series of figure drawings are embedded in tables with numbers and letters and aligned with points of bodily power or cakras; these cakras are aligned with different planets for the purpose of predicting the future of one's health. There are tables and diagrams with numbers and characters.



1 item (34 leaves) : 22 x 8 cm




Colophon: iti maṃtrāraṃbhaḥ iti kāśināthayabhaṭṭācāryakṛtau śighrabodhe mūhartaprakaraṇasamāptaṃ graṃthasamāptaṃ (f. 34r).

Subjects topical



Table of contents



fol. 1r
2982_0000.tif (27.6 MB)
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2982_0000_web.jpg (213.5 KB)
Decoration: Floral border, f. 1r

fol. 1v-2r
2982_0001.tif (53.1 MB)
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Section: Tables, f. 1v and f. 2r

fol. 2v-3r
2982_0002.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0002_web.jpg (500.4 KB)

fol. 3v-4r
2982_0003.tif (53.1 MB)
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Section: Table and diagram, f. 4r

fol. 4v-5r
2982_0004.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0004_thumb.jpg (7.8 KB)
2982_0004_web.jpg (470.4 KB)
Section: Tables, f. 4v and f. 5r

fol. 5v-6r
2982_0005.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0005_thumb.jpg (8.4 KB)
2982_0005_web.jpg (489.2 KB)
Section: Tables, f. 5v and f. 6r

fol. 6v-7r
2982_0006.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0006_thumb.jpg (8.1 KB)
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Section: Table, f. 6v; Diagram, f. 7r

fol. 7v-8r
2982_0007.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0007_thumb.jpg (7.4 KB)
2982_0007_web.jpg (501.8 KB)
Section: Table and diagrams, f. 7v

fol. 8v-9r
2982_0008.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0008_thumb.jpg (7.9 KB)
2982_0008_web.jpg (485.8 KB)
Section: Tables, f. 8v and f. 9r

fol. 9v-10r
2982_0009.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0009_thumb.jpg (7.7 KB)
2982_0009_web.jpg (481.6 KB)
Section: Table and diagram, f. 9v

fol. 10v-11r
2982_0010.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0010_thumb.jpg (7.7 KB)
2982_0010_web.jpg (492.2 KB)
Section: Table, f. 10v

fol. 11v-12r
2982_0011.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0011_web.jpg (503.2 KB)
Section: Tables, f. 12r

fol. 12v-13r
2982_0012.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0012_web.jpg (485.4 KB)

fol. 13v-14r
2982_0013.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0013_thumb.jpg (7.9 KB)
2982_0013_web.jpg (487.1 KB)
Section: Table, f. 14r

fol. 14v-15r
2982_0014.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0014_thumb.jpg (7.4 KB)
2982_0014_web.jpg (501.3 KB)
Section: Table, f. 14v

fol. 15v-16r
2982_0015.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0015_thumb.jpg (7.7 KB)
2982_0015_web.jpg (478.5 KB)
Section: Table, f. 15v

fol. 16v-17r
2982_0016.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0016_thumb.jpg (7.1 KB)
2982_0016_web.jpg (512.8 KB)

fol. 17v-18r
2982_0017.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0017_thumb.jpg (8.2 KB)
2982_0017_web.jpg (493.3 KB)
Section: Tables, f. 17v and f. 18r

fol. 18v-19r
2982_0018.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0018_thumb.jpg (7.3 KB)
2982_0018_web.jpg (503.1 KB)
Section: Table, f. 19r

fol. 19v-20r
2982_0019.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0019_thumb.jpg (7.7 KB)
2982_0019_web.jpg (484.8 KB)
Section: Table, f. 19v

fol. 20v-21r
2982_0020.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0020_web.jpg (506.3 KB)

fol. 21v-22r
2982_0021.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0021_web.jpg (491.0 KB)

fol. 22v-23r
2982_0022.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0022_web.jpg (494.8 KB)

fol. 23v-24r
2982_0023.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0023_web.jpg (492.2 KB)

fol. 24v-25r
2982_0024.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0024_thumb.jpg (7.0 KB)
2982_0024_web.jpg (501.8 KB)

fol. 25v-26r
2982_0025.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0025_thumb.jpg (7.4 KB)
2982_0025_web.jpg (472.5 KB)

fol. 26v-27r
2982_0026.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0026_web.jpg (482.8 KB)

fol. 27v-28r
2982_0027.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0027_web.jpg (474.2 KB)

fol. 28v-29r
2982_0028.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0028_web.jpg (482.5 KB)

fol. 29v-30r
2982_0029.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0029_web.jpg (465.6 KB)

fol. 30v-31r
2982_0030.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0030_thumb.jpg (7.0 KB)
2982_0030_web.jpg (474.9 KB)

fol. 31v-32r
2982_0031.tif (53.1 MB)
2982_0031_thumb.jpg (7.9 KB)
2982_0031_web.jpg (483.3 KB)

fol. 32v-33r
2982_0032.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0032_web.jpg (488.6 KB)

fol. 33v-34r
2982_0033.tif (53.1 MB)
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2982_0033_web.jpg (442.1 KB)

fol. 34v
2982_0034.tif (27.6 MB)
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2982_0034_web.jpg (169.5 KB)