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Ms. Coll. 390 Item 985 Four early upaniṣads


Four early upaniṣads

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Ms. Coll. 390 Item 985
(3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206., University of Pennsylvania, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts)

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University of Pennsylvania


In Sanskrit


Manuscript is used for contemplation, study, and recitation, and is a collection of three early upaniṣads, along with one partial unidentified work; these are late Vedic, philosophical treatises employed to reinforce and instill ideas and concepts about the makeup of the universe, in some cases presented as a dialogue between a father and son. Such ideas and teachings typically went beyond tradition Vedic training that focused on the performance of and/or strict adherence to rituals alone; however, the texts themselves comment on and/or espouse different kinds of ritual practices. Presents problems as a series of questions, in verse, and includes a discussion of various states of consciousness. Manuscript is incomplete.



1 item (49 leaves) : 11 x 16 cm



Subjects topical




fol. 11r [=1r
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fol. 11v [=1v]-12r [=2r
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fol. 12v [=2v]-13r [=3r
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fol. 13v [=3v]-14r [=4r
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fol. 14v [=4v]-15r [=5r
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fol. 15v [=5v]-16r [=6r
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fol. 16v [=6v]-17r [=7r
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fol. 17v [=7v]-18r [=8r
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fol. 18v [=8v]-19r [=9r
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fol. 19v [=9v]-20r [=10r
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fol. 20v [=10v]-21r [=11r
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fol. 21v [=11v]-22r [=12r
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fol. 22v [=12v]-23r [=13r
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fol. 23v [=13v]-24r [=14r
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fol. 24v [=14v]-25r [=15r
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fol. 25v [=15v]-26r [=16r
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fol. 26v [=16v]-27r [=17r
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fol. 27v [=17v]-28r [=18r
3407_0017.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 28v [=18v]-29r [=19r
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fol. 29v [=19v]-30r [=20r
3407_0019.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 30v [=20v]-31r [=21r
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fol. 31v [=21v]-32r [=22r
3407_0021.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 32v [=22v]-33r [=23r
3407_0022.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 33v [=23v]-34r [=24r
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fol. 34v [=24v]-35r [=25r
3407_0024.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 35v [=25v]-36r [=26r
3407_0025.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 36v [=26v]-37r [=27r
3407_0026.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 37v [=27v]-38r [=28r
3407_0027.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 38v [=28v]-39r [=29r
3407_0028.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 39v [=29v]-40r [=30r
3407_0029.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 40v [=30v]-41r [=31r
3407_0030.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 41v [=31v]-42r [=32r
3407_0031.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 42v [=32v]-43r [=33r
3407_0032.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 43v [=33v]-44r [=34r
3407_0033.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 44v [=34v]-45r [=35r
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fol. 45v [=35v]-46r [=36r
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fol. 46v [=36v]-47r [=37r
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fol. 47v [=37v]-48r [=38r
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fol. 48v [=38v]-49r [=39r
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fol. 49v [=39v]-50r [=40r
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fol. 50v [=40v]-51r [=41r
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fol. 51v [=41v]-52r [=42r
3407_0041.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 52v [=42v]-53r [=43r
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fol. 53v [=43v]-54r [=44r
3407_0043.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 54v [=44v]-55r [=45r
3407_0044.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 55v [=45v]-56r [=46r
3407_0045.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 56v [=46v]-57r [=47r
3407_0046.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 57v [=47v]-58r [=48r
3407_0047.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 58v [=48v]-59r [=49r
3407_0048.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 59v [=49v]-60r [=50r
3407_0049.tif (62.4 MB)
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fol. 60v [=50v
3407_0050.tif (32.2 MB)
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