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Ms. Coll. 990 Item 13 Phra Damra


Phra Damra

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Ms. Coll. 990 Item 13
(3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206., University of Pennsylvania, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts)

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University of Pennsylvania


In Thai


Illustrated manual on the creation of yantras, geometrical diagrams used as aids to meditation in tantric worship. Includes instructions on how to write the royal elephant yantra and add gold leaf to it. Title appears as Phra Dara on upper cover, written more clearly as Phra Damra inside the upper cover (f. 1r). The text and diagrams do not have a consistent orientation throughout the manuscript; folio references in this record start from the upper cover on both sides.



1 item (78 folios) : 11.4 x 35.8 cm




Subjects topical



Table of contents



Upper Cover
1983_0000.tif (74.3 MB)
1983_0000_thumb.jpg (3.0 KB)
1983_0000_web.jpg (175.0 KB)
Section: Title, Upper Cover

fol. 1r
1983_0001.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0001_thumb.jpg (4.0 KB)
1983_0001_web.jpg (255.0 KB)
Section: List, f.1r

fol. 2r
1983_0002.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0002_thumb.jpg (4.7 KB)
1983_0002_web.jpg (285.4 KB)
Decoration: Illustration, Rishis, f.2r

fol. 3r
1983_0003.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0003_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
1983_0003_web.jpg (277.1 KB)
Decoration: Illustrations, Four figures on pedestals, f.3r

fol. 4r
1983_0004.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0004_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0004_web.jpg (300.2 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Yantra with rat, f.4r

fol. 5r
1983_0005.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0005_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0005_web.jpg (296.8 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Yantra with rat, f.5r

fol. 6r
1983_0006.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0006_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0006_web.jpg (294.5 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Yantra with Singha, f.6r

fol. 7r
1983_0007.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0007_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
1983_0007_web.jpg (307.2 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Yantra with Singha, f.7r

fol. 8r
1983_0008.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0008_thumb.jpg (6.1 KB)
1983_0008_web.jpg (353.9 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Yantra with Singha, f.8r

fol. 9r
1983_0009.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0009_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
1983_0009_web.jpg (316.5 KB)
Decoration: Illustration, Rat, colored, f.9r

fol. 10r
1983_0010.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0010_thumb.jpg (4.4 KB)
1983_0010_web.jpg (279.4 KB)
Decoration: Illustration, Hanuman, colored, f.10r

fol. 11r
1983_0011.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0011_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0011_web.jpg (304.5 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Yantra, deity on birds, f.11r

fol. 12r
1983_0012.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0012_thumb.jpg (3.9 KB)
1983_0012_web.jpg (244.5 KB)
Section: Notes, f.12r

fol. 13r
1983_0013.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0013_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0013_web.jpg (279.9 KB)
Decoration: Illustration, Small diagrams on elephant, f.13r

fol. 14r
1983_0014.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0014_thumb.jpg (6.0 KB)
1983_0014_web.jpg (342.7 KB)
Section: Khatha in khom and Thai script, f.14r
Decoration: Illustration, Ducks in pencil, f.14r

fol. 15r
1983_0015.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0015_thumb.jpg (6.3 KB)
1983_0015_web.jpg (352.1 KB)

fol. 16r
1983_0016.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0016_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
1983_0016_web.jpg (303.4 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Yantra, f. 16r

fol. 17r
1983_0017.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0017_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
1983_0017_web.jpg (323.1 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Beginning of multifolio yantra, f.17r

fol. 18r
1983_0018.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0018_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
1983_0018_web.jpg (321.3 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Partial yantra, f. 18r

fol. 19r
1983_0019.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0019_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
1983_0019_web.jpg (318.0 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Partial yantra, f. 19r

fol. 20r
1983_0020.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0020_thumb.jpg (6.1 KB)
1983_0020_web.jpg (334.7 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Partial yantra, f. 20r

fol. 21r
1983_0021.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0021_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
1983_0021_web.jpg (311.0 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Partial yantra, with image of two Nagas, f.21r

fol. 22r
1983_0022.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0022_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
1983_0022_web.jpg (321.4 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Partial yantra with image of three Garudas, f.22r

fol. 23r
1983_0023.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0023_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0023_web.jpg (285.9 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Partial yantra, f. 23r

fol. 24r
1983_0024.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0024_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
1983_0024_web.jpg (323.2 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Partial yantra, f. 24r

fol. 25r
1983_0025.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0025_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
1983_0025_web.jpg (303.1 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Partial yantra, f. 25r

fol. 26r
1983_0026.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0026_thumb.jpg (4.4 KB)
1983_0026_web.jpg (276.4 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, End of multifolio yantra, f.26r

fol. 17-26r
1983_0027.tif (1.1 GB)
1983_0027_thumb.jpg (1.9 KB)
1983_0027_web.jpg (106.3 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Complete multifolio yantra, f. 17-26r

fol. 27r
1983_0028.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0028_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
1983_0028_web.jpg (316.8 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Square yantra, f.27r

fol. 28r
1983_0029.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0029_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
1983_0029_web.jpg (313.1 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Square yantra, f.28r

fol. 29r
1983_0030.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0030_thumb.jpg (4.8 KB)
1983_0030_web.jpg (292.4 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Square yantra, f.29r

fol. 30r
1983_0031.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0031_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
1983_0031_web.jpg (296.9 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Pyramid yantra, f.30r

fol. 31r
1983_0032.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0032_thumb.jpg (4.5 KB)
1983_0032_web.jpg (281.0 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Pyramid yantra, f.31r

fol. 32r
1983_0033.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0033_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0033_web.jpg (306.3 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Square yantra, f.32r

fol. 33r
1983_0034.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0034_thumb.jpg (4.9 KB)
1983_0034_web.jpg (293.8 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Square yantra, f.33r

fol. 34r
1983_0035.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0035_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
1983_0035_web.jpg (314.9 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Square yantra, with Buddha image, f.34r

fol. 35r
1983_0036.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0036_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
1983_0036_web.jpg (334.0 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, Smaller yantra, multiple diagrams, f.35r

fol. 36r
1983_0037.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0037_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
1983_0037_web.jpg (267.1 KB)
Decoration: Illustration, Elephant, colored (upside-down), f.36r

fol. 37r
1983_0038.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0038_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
1983_0038_web.jpg (349.9 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Triangular yantras, f.37r

fol. 38r
1983_0039.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0039_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
1983_0039_web.jpg (293.2 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Yantra, f. 38r

fol. 39r
1983_0040.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0040_thumb.jpg (3.9 KB)
1983_0040_web.jpg (256.5 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, Yantra, female and bird, pencil (upside-down), f. 39r

fol. 1v
1983_0041.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0041_thumb.jpg (3.7 KB)
1983_0041_web.jpg (259.7 KB)
Section: Notes, pencil, f. 1v

fol. 2v
1983_0042.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0042_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
1983_0042_web.jpg (322.9 KB)
Section: Khom script, f. 2v

fol. 3v
1983_0043.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0043_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
1983_0043_web.jpg (327.5 KB)

fol. 4v
1983_0044.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0044_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
1983_0044_web.jpg (320.3 KB)
Section: Thai script, explaining the Khom, f. 4v

fol. 5v
1983_0045.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0045_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
1983_0045_web.jpg (333.0 KB)

fol. 6v
1983_0046.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0046_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
1983_0046_web.jpg (345.3 KB)

fol. 7v
1983_0047.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0047_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
1983_0047_web.jpg (341.3 KB)

fol. 8v
1983_0048.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0048_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0048_web.jpg (338.3 KB)
Section: Marginalia, f. 8v

fol. 9v
1983_0049.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0049_thumb.jpg (4.8 KB)
1983_0049_web.jpg (333.7 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, f. 9v

fol. 10v
1983_0050.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0050_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
1983_0050_web.jpg (350.0 KB)
Section: Pali text with Thai explanation, f. 10v

fol. 11v
1983_0051.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0051_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
1983_0051_web.jpg (343.6 KB)

fol. 12v
1983_0052.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0052_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
1983_0052_web.jpg (323.2 KB)
Section: Khatha in Khom and Thai script, f. 12v

fol. 13v
1983_0053.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0053_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
1983_0053_web.jpg (316.2 KB)

fol. 14v
1983_0054.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0054_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
1983_0054_web.jpg (344.9 KB)

fol. 15v
1983_0055.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0055_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
1983_0055_web.jpg (327.4 KB)

fol. 16v
1983_0056.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0056_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
1983_0056_web.jpg (346.7 KB)

fol. 17v
1983_0057.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0057_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
1983_0057_web.jpg (347.6 KB)

fol. 18v
1983_0058.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0058_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
1983_0058_web.jpg (332.7 KB)

fol. 19v
1983_0059.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0059_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
1983_0059_web.jpg (324.2 KB)

fol. 20v
1983_0060.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0060_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
1983_0060_web.jpg (335.0 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, Yantras, bird image, f. 20v

fol. 21v
1983_0061.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0061_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
1983_0061_web.jpg (325.9 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, Yantras, f. 21v

fol. 22v
1983_0062.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0062_thumb.jpg (4.8 KB)
1983_0062_web.jpg (324.6 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Octagonal yantra, f. 22v

fol. 23v
1983_0063.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0063_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
1983_0063_web.jpg (315.2 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, f.23 v

fol. 24v
1983_0064.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0064_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
1983_0064_web.jpg (325.7 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, f. 24v

fol. 25v
1983_0065.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0065_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0065_web.jpg (335.3 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Circular yantra, f. 25v

fol. 26v
1983_0066.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0066_thumb.jpg (4.9 KB)
1983_0066_web.jpg (319.3 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, Circular yantras, f. 26v

fol. 27v
1983_0067.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0067_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
1983_0067_web.jpg (324.1 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Circular yantra, Buddha foot image, f. 27v

fol. 28v
1983_0068.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0068_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0068_web.jpg (328.2 KB)
Section: Text in opposite direction, f. 28v
Decoration: Diagrams, f. 28v

fol. 29v
1983_0069.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0069_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
1983_0069_web.jpg (315.9 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, f. 29v

fol. 30v
1983_0070.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0070_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
1983_0070_web.jpg (318.7 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, f. 30v

fol. 31v
1983_0071.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0071_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
1983_0071_web.jpg (331.9 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, f. 31v

fol. 32v
1983_0072.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0072_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
1983_0072_web.jpg (337.4 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, f. 32v

fol. 33v
1983_0073.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0073_thumb.jpg (4.9 KB)
1983_0073_web.jpg (319.3 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, f. 33v

fol. 34v
1983_0074.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0074_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
1983_0074_web.jpg (332.7 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Square yantra, f. 34v

fol. 35v
1983_0075.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0075_thumb.jpg (4.6 KB)
1983_0075_web.jpg (319.5 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Square yantra, Hanuman (?), f. 35v

fol. 36v
1983_0076.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0076_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
1983_0076_web.jpg (341.2 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Square yantra, f. 36v

fol. 37v
1983_0077.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0077_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
1983_0077_web.jpg (375.4 KB)
Decoration: Diagram, Square yantra, f. 37v

fol. 38v
1983_0078.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0078_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
1983_0078_web.jpg (339.4 KB)
Decoration: Diagrams, Yantras, f. 38v

fol. 39v
1983_0079.tif (131.9 MB)
1983_0079_thumb.jpg (4.2 KB)
1983_0079_web.jpg (276.6 KB)
Section: Notes in pencil (upside-down), f.39v

Lower Cover
1983_0080.tif (74.3 MB)
1983_0080_thumb.jpg (2.7 KB)
1983_0080_web.jpg (156.0 KB)

1983_0081.tif (74.3 MB)
1983_0081_thumb.jpg (3.0 KB)
1983_0081_web.jpg (175.9 KB)