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Lehigh Codex 12 Anon. Portolan charts


Anon. Portolan charts

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Lehigh Codex 12
(Bethlehem, United States, Lehigh University, Special Collections)

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Special Collections




16th century


Three maritime charts bound in contemporary parchment over paper board. The first chart shows the 26th to the 51st northern gradations, the coasts of England and Ireland south to Madeira and the Canary Islands, including the coasts of Spain and France. The second chart shows the whole of the Mediterranean, including the coasts of the eastern Mediterranean and Northern Africa. The third chart shows the Mediterranean from the Meridian of Gallipoli (Italy) to Dakar, Africa, including part of the Atlantic Ocean and the coasts of Spain and Portugal. All have rhumb lines, and were used for navigation. Although written in Italy, the place names on the manuscript show Portuguese influence.



295 x 406 mm bound to 297 x 209 mm




Contemporary parchment over paper boards


  • All three charts span two pages; dark ink framing around the edges with yellow fill; rhumb lines alternating red and green coming off illuminated compass points; landmasses outlined in dark ink with color overlay
  • Decoration

    Illuminated compass roses on each chart; heraldic shield under a crown on Chart 1; blue medallion containing a crescent moon with a face in profile under a crown on Chart 2; land masses are outlined in green (Europe) brown (currently Turkey) and red (currently Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Africa)


  • Humanistic cursive
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    Table of contents



    Front cover
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    Decoration: Title label pasted to front cover

    Chart 1 (full)
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    Section: Map depicting the southern coast of England, the western coast of France, the Iberian peninsula, and the northern coast of Africa

    Chart 2 (full)
    9161_0002.tif (201.6 MB)
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    Section: Map depicting the Mediterranean Sea from Italy to the Middle East

    Chart 2 (left)
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    Section: Map depicting the eastern half of Chart 2 (including Italy, Greece, Sicily, and the north coast of Africa)

    Chart 2 (right)
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    Section: Map depicting the western half of Chart 2 (including Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, and Cyprus)

    Chart 3 (full)
    9161_0005.tif (206.3 MB)
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    Section: Map depicting the Mediterranean Sea (from the Iberian peninsula to Italy)

    Chart 3 (left)
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    Section: Map depicting the western half of Chart 3 (including the Iberian peninsula and the north coast of Africa)

    Chart 3 (right)
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    Section: Map depicting the eastern half of Chart 3 (including Italy, Sicily, and the north coast of Africa)

    Back cover
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    Top edge
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    Bottom edge
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    Fore edge
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