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Lewis E 72 Compendium historiae in genealogia christi (Historical compendium of the genealogy of Christ), with a treatise on the candelabrum


Compendium historiae in genealogia christi (Historical compendium of the genealogy of Christ), with a treatise on the candelabrum


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Lewis E 72
(Philadelphia, United States, Free Library of Philadelphia, John Frederick Lewis Collection of European Manuscripts)

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Free Library of Philadelphia




Circa 1334
Paris?, France


This manuscript is a copy of the Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi by Peter of Poitiers, written in 1334 on a parchment roll of four membranes, over nine feet in length, probably in Paris. In addition to the date, the name of the scribe, Petrus de Bugino, appears in the colophon in the bottom right corner of the fourth membrane. The original owner's name has been erased from the colophon and replaced with the name of a later owner. The roll begins with a diagram of a candelabrum and a prologue about the diagram. A genealogical diagram extends vertically through the roll, from Adam and Eve to Jesus Christ, with the names written in rondels. Additional diagrams or diagrammatic illustrations occasionally appear in the text on either side of the genealogical diagram. The dorse or verso of the roll is blank.


2934 x 397 mm


One parchment roll comprised of four membranes




Parchment roll fastened on two wooden rollers


  • Horizontals ruled in lead for text throughout; verticals ruled as needed to create columns of text around diagrams
  • Decoration

    Genealogical diagram with lines in red and blue, and circles, some filled with geometric ornaments, in red; title in alternating red and blue letters at top of roll, Origo [Chr]isti et Marie per hystoriam Biblie; pen drawings in red ink of the candelabrum (marked with the names of Noah, Daniel, and Job), Noah's ark, and the Tower of Babel (Membrane 1 Side 1); capitals and paragraph marks in red and blue; underlining in red


  • Gothic--textualis
  • Scribe: Petrus de Bugino
  • Colophon

    Explicit p[ar]isius i[n] c[ra]stino s[an]c[ta]e Katerine ad usum B[er]nardi de pedio provi[n]cie Et custodie narbone Anno d[omi]ne millesimo trecentesimo tricesimo quarto. Per manus petri de bugine. Anno domini .1334 (Membrane 4 Side 1)




    Table of contents


    Roll Side 1
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    Roll Side 3
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    Roll Side 4
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    Membrane 1 Side 1
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    Section: [Candelabrum prologue]
    Section: [Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi]

    Membrane 2 Side 1
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    Membrane 3 Side 1
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    Membrane 4 Side 1
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    Membrane 5 Side 1
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    Membrane 1 Side 2
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    Membrane 4 Side 2
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    Membrane 5 Side 2
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