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Or 1456 Sefer Torah (ספר תורה)


Sefer Torah (ספר תורה)


Call number

Or 1456
(London, United Kingdom, British Library, Hebrew Manuscripts Digitisation Project)

Alternate identifiers


British Library




Between 1400 and 1499


The Pentateuch scroll.



75 membranes, 223 columns.; 75 membranes, 223 columns.




BM in-house. Boxed.


  • Columns: 223; ruled lines: 50; written lines: 50; Uniform layout. Ruling by hard point, membrane by membrane. Visible pricking and stitching. 224 columns in total, one to six columns per membrane. Some tagin present. The letter ḥet is frequently arched. Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy begins with a new column, four lines being left at the end of the preceding column. Every column commences with a new verse, most frequently beginning with the letter ו. The end of a verse marked by a dry point after the last word (omitted at the end of a section and column). Three dry points sometimes in the margin at the beginning of an open or closed section. Special arrangement of lines of the Song of Moses. The first דרש of Lev. 10:16 is written at the beginning of the line. Puncta extraordinaria placed on the ten words fixed by the masorah. Majuscular and minuscular letter in accordance with the rules. The inverted letter nun is placed before and after Num. 10:35-36; 'pe lafuf' is very frequent.
  • Script

  • Oriental square script of the 15th century.
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    Table of contents


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    fol. 1r
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    Section: ספר תורה
    Section: Sefer Torah

    fol. 2r
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