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LJS 185 Psalter leaves and Matthew leaf


Psalter leaves and Matthew leaf

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Call number

LJS 185
(Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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The University of Pennsylvania Libraries


Coptic, with headings (f. 1-2) and commentary (f. 5) in Arabic


4 leaves from a Coptic psalter written for the monastery of Saint Anthony on the Red Sea in Egypt, in 14-15 long lines on paper, with 2 headings in Arabic and rubrication and simple ornamentation added in red ink on 2 leaves and green ink used on an initial on 1 leaf. 1 leaf from a different manuscript (on different paper and in a different hand, perhaps more recent), containing the text of Matthew 25.14-24 in Coptic, in 23 long lines, with a narrow column in Arabic to the right of the Coptic text, and simple ornamentation added in red ink.



5 leaves : 210-214 x 159 (170 x 110) mm. (f. 1-4); 210 x 152 (160 x 100) mm. (f. 5)




Subjects topical




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