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LJS 412 Four treatises on astrolabes and astronomy.


Four treatises on astrolabes and astronomy.


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Call number

LJS 412
(3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206, University of Pennsylvania, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts)

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University of Pennsylvania




Written in Cairo in A.H. Ṣafar 950 (May-June 1453) by ʻAlī al-Riyāḍī al-Munajjim (f. 1r, 10v, 18v, upper cover).
A.H. 950 (1543)


Four treatises on astrolabes and astronomy, the first and fourth treatise are incomplete; the first treatise skips from chapter 22 to chapter 30 (f. 5-6) and the fourth treatise is missing some amount of the beginning, the first complete section is "taṣtīḥ dāʼirat al-ufuq" (f. 14r).



18 leaves : 226 x 149 (172 x 90) mm bound to 228 x 154 mm


Paper, 18; 1¹⁸; no foliation marked on leaves.




Marbled paper in bright yellow, blue, pink, and green with title and date in black ink on front cover; bound as a pamphlet.


  • Written in 27 long lines; no catchwords.
  • Decoration

    9 astronomical diagrams (f. 14v, 15r, 16r-18v) in red and black ink; titles in green ink; significant words or phrases in red or green ink.


  • Written in naskh influenced by nastaʻlīq in black ink; pointed, with titles in a larger naskh in red and green ink; pointed.
  • Provenance

    Subjects topical



    Table of contents



    Front cover
    0352_0000.tif (75.5 MB)
    0352_0000_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0352_0000_web.jpg (328.5 KB)

    Inside front cover
    0352_0001.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0001_thumb.jpg (3.3 KB)
    0352_0001_web.jpg (253.9 KB)

    fol. 1r
    0352_0002.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0002_thumb.jpg (3.8 KB)
    0352_0002_web.jpg (221.7 KB)

    fol. 1v
    0352_0003.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0003_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0352_0003_web.jpg (304.0 KB)
    Section: Risa?lah fi?'l-'amal bil-kurah, f. 1v

    fol. 2r
    0352_0004.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0004_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0352_0004_web.jpg (294.0 KB)

    fol. 2v
    0352_0005.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0005_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0352_0005_web.jpg (314.2 KB)

    fol. 3r
    0352_0006.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0006_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0352_0006_web.jpg (317.6 KB)

    fol. 3v
    0352_0007.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0007_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0352_0007_web.jpg (322.6 KB)

    fol. 4r
    0352_0008.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0008_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0352_0008_web.jpg (310.1 KB)

    fol. 4v
    0352_0009.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0009_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0352_0009_web.jpg (336.7 KB)

    fol. 5r
    0352_0010.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0010_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0352_0010_web.jpg (333.1 KB)

    fol. 5v
    0352_0011.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0011_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0352_0011_web.jpg (346.8 KB)

    fol. 6r
    0352_0012.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0012_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    0352_0012_web.jpg (338.8 KB)

    fol. 6v
    0352_0013.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0013_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    0352_0013_web.jpg (331.6 KB)

    fol. 7r
    0352_0014.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0014_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0352_0014_web.jpg (323.3 KB)

    fol. 7v
    0352_0015.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0015_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    0352_0015_web.jpg (330.8 KB)

    fol. 8r
    0352_0016.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0016_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    0352_0016_web.jpg (323.3 KB)

    fol. 8v
    0352_0017.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0017_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0352_0017_web.jpg (320.1 KB)

    fol. 9r
    0352_0018.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0018_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    0352_0018_web.jpg (311.6 KB)

    fol. 9v
    0352_0019.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0019_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    0352_0019_web.jpg (323.4 KB)

    fol. 10r
    0352_0020.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0020_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0352_0020_web.jpg (320.5 KB)

    fol. 10v
    0352_0021.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0021_thumb.jpg (4.5 KB)
    0352_0021_web.jpg (251.8 KB)

    fol. 11r
    0352_0022.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0022_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0352_0022_web.jpg (324.8 KB)
    Section: Risa?lat kaifi?ya?t al-ars?a?d, f. 11r

    fol. 11v
    0352_0023.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0023_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0352_0023_web.jpg (326.1 KB)

    fol. 12r
    0352_0024.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0024_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0352_0024_web.jpg (290.6 KB)

    fol. 12v
    0352_0025.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0025_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0352_0025_web.jpg (325.6 KB)
    Section: Al-?amal bi'l-ist?irla?b, f. 12v

    fol. 13r
    0352_0026.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0026_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0352_0026_web.jpg (335.8 KB)

    fol. 13v
    0352_0027.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0027_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0352_0027_web.jpg (327.0 KB)

    fol. 14r
    0352_0028.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0028_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0352_0028_web.jpg (348.6 KB)

    fol. 14v
    0352_0029.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0029_thumb.jpg (4.7 KB)
    0352_0029_web.jpg (269.7 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 14v

    fol. 15r
    0352_0030.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0030_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0352_0030_web.jpg (273.9 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 15r

    fol. 15v
    0352_0031.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0031_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0352_0031_web.jpg (311.6 KB)

    fol. 16r
    0352_0032.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0032_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0352_0032_web.jpg (272.4 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 16r

    fol. 16v
    0352_0033.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0033_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0352_0033_web.jpg (271.8 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 16v

    fol. 17r
    0352_0034.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0034_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
    0352_0034_web.jpg (264.5 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 17r

    fol. 17v
    0352_0035.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0035_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0352_0035_web.jpg (284.1 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 17v

    fol. 18r
    0352_0036.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0036_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0352_0036_web.jpg (296.8 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 18r

    fol. 18v
    0352_0037.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0037_thumb.jpg (4.5 KB)
    0352_0037_web.jpg (265.4 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 18v

    Inside back cover
    0352_0038.tif (69.7 MB)
    0352_0038_thumb.jpg (3.1 KB)
    0352_0038_web.jpg (254.3 KB)

    Back cover
    0352_0039.tif (75.5 MB)
    0352_0039_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0352_0039_web.jpg (321.6 KB)

    No spine
    0352_0040.tif (75.5 MB)
    0352_0040_thumb.jpg (2.2 KB)
    0352_0040_web.jpg (60.5 KB)

    ljs412_Ref1.tif (173.1 MB)
    ljs412_Ref1_thumb.jpg (3.8 KB)
    ljs412_Ref1_web.jpg (236.0 KB)