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Oversize LJS 418 Passio sancti Blasii ... etc.


Passio sancti Blasii ... etc.


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Oversize LJS 418
(3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206., University of Pennsylvania, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts)

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University of Pennsylvania




Written in Italy in the 13th century.


An account of the martyrdom of Saint Blaise, bishop of Sebaste in Armenia, followed by readings and chants for a Mass of Saint Blaise. Additional texts, probably in different hands, at the end of the manuscript are mostly for baptisms, but also include one group of prayers for vestments and two rough sketches of Guidonian hands. A 17th-century (?) inscription on the last leaf, which probably served as the cover for this gathering folded in half, reads Historia et orationes pro Sancto Blasio (f. 8v).



8 leaves : 334 x 210 (211-238 x 138) mm. bound to 344 x 218 mm


Parchment, ii (modern parchment) + 8 + ii (modern parchment); 1⁸.




Late 19th- or early 20th-century morocco by Riviere & Son (London).


  • Written in 2 columns (f. 1-7) of 32 lines (f. 1-5); frame-ruled in lead (f. 1-5), faint ink (f. 6), and drypoint (f. 7); prickings visible.
  • Decoration

    Drawing in brown and red ink of Blaise as a bishop (f. 1r); 2 Guidonian hand diagrams sketched in ink (f. 8v); 4-line zoomorphic initial on a red ground (f. 1r); ornamental initials, 2 to 4 lines in height, in green-brown ink (f. 6v-7v); 2-line initials and single lines in chant in red (f. 4v-6r); rubrics in red and capitals touched in red (f. 1r-6r).


  • Written in rounded Gothic script, largely by one hand (f. 1-5), with additions at the end possibly by other hands.
  • Provenance

    Subjects topical






    Front cover
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    Inside front cover
    0210_0001.tif (61.3 MB)
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    Flyleaf 1 recto
    0210_0002.tif (61.3 MB)
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    Flyleaf 1 verso
    0210_0003.tif (61.3 MB)
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    Flyleaf 2 recto
    0210_0004.tif (61.3 MB)
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    Flyleaf 2 verso
    0210_0005.tif (61.3 MB)
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    fol. 1r
    0210_0006.tif (61.3 MB)
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    Decoration: Zoomorphic initial, Initial E, Bird, f. 1r
    Decoration: Drawing, Blaise as a bishop, f. 1r

    fol. 1v
    0210_0007.tif (61.3 MB)
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    fol. 2r
    0210_0008.tif (61.3 MB)
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    fol. 2v
    0210_0009.tif (61.3 MB)
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    fol. 3r
    0210_0010.tif (61.3 MB)
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    fol. 3v
    0210_0011.tif (61.3 MB)
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    fol. 4r
    0210_0012.tif (61.3 MB)
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    fol. 4v
    0210_0013.tif (61.3 MB)
    0210_0013_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0210_0013_web.jpg (347.6 KB)
    Decoration: Musical notation, f. 4v

    fol. 5r
    0210_0014.tif (61.3 MB)
    0210_0014_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0210_0014_web.jpg (325.2 KB)
    Decoration: Musical notation, f. 5r

    fol. 5v
    0210_0015.tif (61.3 MB)
    0210_0015_thumb.jpg (4.6 KB)
    0210_0015_web.jpg (315.5 KB)
    Decoration: Musical notation, f. 5v

    fol. 6r
    0210_0016.tif (61.3 MB)
    0210_0016_thumb.jpg (4.5 KB)
    0210_0016_web.jpg (322.4 KB)
    Decoration: Musical notation, f. 6r

    fol. 6v
    0210_0017.tif (61.3 MB)
    0210_0017_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0210_0017_web.jpg (322.0 KB)
    Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial D, f. 6v
    Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial E, f. 6v
    Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial I, f. 6v

    fol. 7r
    0210_0018.tif (61.3 MB)
    0210_0018_thumb.jpg (4.7 KB)
    0210_0018_web.jpg (305.0 KB)
    Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial D, f. 7r
    Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial E, f. 7r
    Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial I, f. 7r

    fol. 7v
    0210_0019.tif (61.3 MB)
    0210_0019_thumb.jpg (4.6 KB)
    0210_0019_web.jpg (310.4 KB)
    Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial C, f. 7v
    Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial D, f. 7v
    Decoration: Decorated initial, Initial E, f.7v
    Decoration: Musical notation, f. 7v

    fol. 8r
    0210_0020.tif (61.3 MB)
    0210_0020_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0210_0020_web.jpg (284.2 KB)
    Decoration: Musical notation, f. 8r

    fol. 8v
    0210_0021.tif (61.3 MB)
    0210_0021_thumb.jpg (4.4 KB)
    0210_0021_web.jpg (245.0 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, Guidonian hand, f. 8v

    Flyleaf 1 recto
    0210_0022.tif (61.3 MB)
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    0210_0022_web.jpg (167.5 KB)

    Flyleaf 1 verso
    0210_0023.tif (61.3 MB)
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    Flyleaf 2 recto
    0210_0024.tif (61.3 MB)
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    Flyleaf 2 verso
    0210_0025.tif (61.3 MB)
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    Inside back cover
    0210_0026.tif (61.3 MB)
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    Back cover
    0210_0027.tif (61.3 MB)
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    0210_0028.tif (61.3 MB)
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