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LJS 420 Perpetual calendar with Metonic cycle


Perpetual calendar with Metonic cycle

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LJS 420
(3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206., University of Pennsylvania, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts)

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University of Pennsylvania


Latin, with a few notes in Italian


Possibly written in Italy, ca. 1480 (dates in table, f. 7v).
ca. 1480


Liturgical calendar with some astronomical notes, such as indications of when the sun enters signs of the zodiac, and a circular diagram with 19 divisions around the circumference, corresponding to the 19 Julian years of the Metonic cycle (f. 1r). The calendar is followed by a few tables concerning the golden numbers and the dates of Septuagesima and Easter (f. 7r-7v), a hand-shaped diagram and table concerning the moon and the signs of the zodiac (f. 8r), and a list of combinations of planets (f. 8v).



8 leaves : 201 x 142 mm. bound to 203 x 147 mm




Vellum ruled and stamped in gold.


2 diagrams in red and black ink (circle, f. 1r; hand with numbers at joints, f. 8r); 4 tables in red and black ink (f. 7r-8r); red ink used for headings and feast days in calendar (f. 1r-6v).


  • Written in humanistic script.
  • Provenance

    Subjects topical




    Table of contents



    Front cover
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    Inside front cover
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    fol. 1r
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    Decoration: Diagram, Metonic cycle, f. 1r
    Decoration: Manicule, f. 1r

    fol. 1v
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    fol. 2r
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    fol. 2v
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    fol. 3r
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    fol. 3v
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    fol. 4r
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    Decoration: Manicule, f. 4r

    fol. 4v
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    fol. 5r
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    fol. 5v
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    fol. 6r
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    fol. 6v
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    Decoration: Manicule, f. 6v

    fol. 7r
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    Section: Tables concerning the golden numbers and the dates of Septuagesima and Easter, f. 7r
    Decoration: Table, f. 7r

    fol. 7v
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    Decoration: Table, f. 7v

    fol. 8r
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    Section: Diagram and table concerning the moon and the signs of the zodiac, f. 8r
    Decoration: Diagram, Hand, f. 8r
    Decoration: Table, f. 8r

    fol. 8v
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    Section: List of combinations of planets, f. 8v

    Inside back cover
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    Back cover
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    No spine
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