State Library of Pennsylvania, Rare Collections Library

State Library of Pennsylvania, Rare Collections Library

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About the Rare Collections Library, State Library of Pennsylvania

The State Library of Pennsylvania collects and preserves the written heritage of the Commonwealth through materials published for, by, and about Pennsylvania. The strengths of the Rare Collections Library include Pennsylvania imprints, government documents, original newspapers, pamphlets, maps and atlases, and rare works of Pennsylvania religion, natural history, and genealogy.

The core of the Rare Collections Library is the Assembly Collection, numbering over 400 volumes. These books were purchased by Pennsylvania's legislators beginning in 1745 to serve their needs in crafting legislation and governing the Commonwealth. Comprised largely of law books, the Assembly Collection also contains dictionaries, books on architecture, philosophy, history and religion. At the center of the Assembly Collection is the 1739 Assembly Bible, upon which generations of Pennsylvania's elected leaders have taken their oaths of office.

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