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LJS 361 Astronomical and astrological tables.


Astronomical and astrological tables.


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LJS 361
(3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206, University of Pennsylvania, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts)

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University of Pennsylvania




Written in Naples in 1327 by a Dominican brother at the Dominican convent in Naples while a university student (inscription inside upper cover; rubric, f. 47r).


Opening and closing sections of astronomical and astrological tables on either side of a remnant of commentaries on gospel and epistle readings. The opening section (f. 2r-9r) includes tables for calculating the day of the week for any day from 1204 to 1512; the Sunday letter from 1204 to 1736; the golden letter from 1215 to 1728; movable feasts; time variation according to latitude and longitude; the conjunction of the sun and moon from January to September from 1327 to 1367; and the hours of day and night in any day of the year, as well as lists of human activities and how they are affected by the moon and planets; parts of the body with the planet that dominates each part and appropriate medical activities; and parts of the body with the zodiac sign that dominates each part and appropriate medical activities. The central section (f. 10r-42r) comprises the last 3 gatherings of what were originally 13 gatherings of commentaries on the gospel and epistle readings for the temporal cycle compiled from sermons of French Dominican scholars Durandus of St. Pourçain and Jacobus of Lausanne. The closing section (f. 42r-46v) includes tables and lists for Biblical, classical, and Mideastern dates; the position in the third house of all the planets; the significance of each house; the power and virtues of the signs of the zodiac on the parts of the body, regions, plants, stones, and stars; the virtues of each house; the movement of each house; the properties of each planet; the properties of each sign; and the sun's position in the zodiac arranged by month. Some early marginal drawings and notes.



46 leaves : 218 x 150 (158 x 110) mm bound to 218 x 155 mm


Parchment, 46; 1⁴(-1, first leaf is pastedown) 2⁸(-2) 3-5¹² 6²(-1, second leaf is pastedown); gatherings 3-6 are signed 11-14, lower center of first recto.




Original 14th-century reversed leather over boards; remains of 1 strap on upper cover and 2 pins for catches on lower cover; leather lacking from spine and lower cover.


  • Text pages written in 2 columns of 52 lines; table pages in various configurations of rows and columns.
  • Decoration

    Tables in red and brown ink; diagrams with red numbers or text; rubrics and paragraph marks in red.


  • Written in Gothic cursive script.
  • Provenance

    Subjects topical






    Front cover
    0033_0000.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0000_thumb.jpg (4.5 KB)
    0033_0000_web.jpg (378.7 KB)

    Inside front cover
    0033_0001.tif (34.0 MB)
    0033_0001_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0033_0001_web.jpg (426.3 KB)

    fol. 1r
    0033_0002.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0002_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0033_0002_web.jpg (370.7 KB)

    fol. 1v
    0033_0003.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0003_thumb.jpg (4.6 KB)
    0033_0003_web.jpg (292.4 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 1v

    fol. 2r
    0033_0004.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0004_thumb.jpg (4.9 KB)
    0033_0004_web.jpg (332.1 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 2r

    fol. 2v
    0033_0005.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0005_thumb.jpg (4.7 KB)
    0033_0005_web.jpg (380.7 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 2v

    fol. 3r
    0033_0006.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0006_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0033_0006_web.jpg (370.3 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 3r

    fol. 3v
    0033_0007.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0007_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0033_0007_web.jpg (363.6 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 3v

    fol. 4r
    0033_0008.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0008_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0033_0008_web.jpg (376.2 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 4r

    fol. 4v
    0033_0009.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0009_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
    0033_0009_web.jpg (447.5 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 4v

    fol. 5r
    0033_0010.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0010_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0033_0010_web.jpg (421.5 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 5r

    fol. 5v
    0033_0011.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0011_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0033_0011_web.jpg (398.3 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 5v

    fol. 6r
    0033_0012.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0012_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0033_0012_web.jpg (392.4 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 6r

    fol. 6v
    0033_0013.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0013_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
    0033_0013_web.jpg (346.2 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 6v

    fol. 7r
    0033_0014.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0014_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0033_0014_web.jpg (374.5 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 7r

    fol. 7v
    0033_0015.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0015_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0033_0015_web.jpg (414.7 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 7v

    fol. 8r
    0033_0016.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0016_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0016_web.jpg (384.5 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 8r

    fol. 8v
    0033_0017.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0017_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0033_0017_web.jpg (391.5 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 8v

    fol. 9r
    0033_0018.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0018_thumb.jpg (4.9 KB)
    0033_0018_web.jpg (362.0 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 9r

    fol. 9v
    0033_0019.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0019_thumb.jpg (3.6 KB)
    0033_0019_web.jpg (300.2 KB)

    fol. 10r
    0033_0020.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0020_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0033_0020_web.jpg (367.7 KB)

    fol. 10v
    0033_0021.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0021_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0033_0021_web.jpg (409.2 KB)

    fol. 11r
    0033_0022.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0022_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0022_web.jpg (392.3 KB)

    fol. 11v
    0033_0023.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0023_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0023_web.jpg (360.9 KB)

    fol. 12r
    0033_0024.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0024_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0024_web.jpg (373.0 KB)

    fol. 12v
    0033_0025.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0025_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0033_0025_web.jpg (429.9 KB)

    fol. 13r
    0033_0026.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0026_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0033_0026_web.jpg (432.1 KB)

    fol. 13v
    0033_0027.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0027_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0027_web.jpg (371.9 KB)

    fol. 14r
    0033_0028.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0028_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0028_web.jpg (343.7 KB)

    fol. 14v
    0033_0029.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0029_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    0033_0029_web.jpg (395.4 KB)

    fol. 15r
    0033_0030.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0030_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0033_0030_web.jpg (418.3 KB)

    fol. 15v
    0033_0031.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0031_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0031_web.jpg (380.7 KB)

    fol. 16r
    0033_0032.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0032_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0032_web.jpg (398.5 KB)

    fol. 16v
    0033_0033.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0033_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0033_web.jpg (429.2 KB)

    fol. 17r
    0033_0034.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0034_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0034_web.jpg (403.0 KB)

    fol. 17v
    0033_0035.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0035_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0035_web.jpg (355.1 KB)

    fol. 18r
    0033_0036.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0036_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0033_0036_web.jpg (380.6 KB)

    fol. 18v
    0033_0037.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0037_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0033_0037_web.jpg (416.5 KB)

    fol. 19r
    0033_0038.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0038_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0033_0038_web.jpg (444.1 KB)

    fol. 19v
    0033_0039.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0039_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0039_web.jpg (383.5 KB)

    fol. 20r
    0033_0040.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0040_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0040_web.jpg (365.7 KB)

    fol. 20v
    0033_0041.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0041_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    0033_0041_web.jpg (408.6 KB)

    fol. 21r
    0033_0042.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0042_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0042_web.jpg (425.4 KB)

    fol. 21v
    0033_0043.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0043_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0043_web.jpg (364.4 KB)
    Decoration: Decorated catchword, f. 21v

    fol. 22r
    0033_0044.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0044_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0044_web.jpg (376.6 KB)
    Decoration: Drawing, Crudely drawn figure, f. 22r

    fol. 22v
    0033_0045.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0045_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0045_web.jpg (391.6 KB)

    fol. 23r
    0033_0046.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0046_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0033_0046_web.jpg (375.9 KB)
    Decoration: Drawing, Crudely drawn figure, f. 23r

    fol. 23v
    0033_0047.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0047_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0033_0047_web.jpg (364.3 KB)

    fol. 24r
    0033_0048.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0048_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0048_web.jpg (354.3 KB)

    fol. 24v
    0033_0049.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0049_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    0033_0049_web.jpg (393.4 KB)

    fol. 25r
    0033_0050.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0050_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0050_web.jpg (429.5 KB)

    fol. 25v
    0033_0051.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0051_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0051_web.jpg (383.6 KB)

    fol. 26r
    0033_0052.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0052_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0052_web.jpg (375.5 KB)
    Decoration: Drawing, Crudely drawn figures, f. 26r

    fol. 26v
    0033_0053.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0053_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    0033_0053_web.jpg (406.1 KB)

    fol. 27r
    0033_0054.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0054_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    0033_0054_web.jpg (397.7 KB)

    fol. 27v
    0033_0055.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0055_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0055_web.jpg (369.8 KB)

    fol. 28r
    0033_0056.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0056_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0056_web.jpg (367.2 KB)

    fol. 28v
    0033_0057.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0057_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    0033_0057_web.jpg (410.4 KB)

    fol. 29r
    0033_0058.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0058_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    0033_0058_web.jpg (422.9 KB)

    fol. 29v
    0033_0059.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0059_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0059_web.jpg (375.7 KB)

    fol. 30r
    0033_0060.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0060_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0060_web.jpg (380.3 KB)

    fol. 30v
    0033_0061.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0061_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0061_web.jpg (427.5 KB)

    fol. 31r
    0033_0062.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0062_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0062_web.jpg (392.9 KB)

    fol. 31v
    0033_0063.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0063_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0063_web.jpg (385.9 KB)

    fol. 32r
    0033_0064.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0064_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0033_0064_web.jpg (378.6 KB)

    fol. 32v
    0033_0065.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0065_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    0033_0065_web.jpg (394.3 KB)

    fol. 33r
    0033_0066.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0066_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0066_web.jpg (397.4 KB)

    fol. 33v
    0033_0067.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0067_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0067_web.jpg (386.6 KB)
    Decoration: Decorated catchword, f. 33v

    fol. 34r
    0033_0068.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0068_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0033_0068_web.jpg (383.7 KB)

    fol. 34v
    0033_0069.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0069_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0069_web.jpg (427.2 KB)

    fol. 35r
    0033_0070.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0070_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0070_web.jpg (409.8 KB)

    fol. 35v
    0033_0071.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0071_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0071_web.jpg (380.0 KB)

    fol. 36r
    0033_0072.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0072_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0072_web.jpg (364.1 KB)

    fol. 36v
    0033_0073.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0073_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0073_web.jpg (401.4 KB)

    fol. 37r
    0033_0074.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0074_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0033_0074_web.jpg (394.7 KB)

    fol. 37v
    0033_0075.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0075_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0033_0075_web.jpg (370.4 KB)

    fol. 38r
    0033_0076.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0076_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0076_web.jpg (377.4 KB)

    fol. 38v
    0033_0077.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0077_thumb.jpg (5.9 KB)
    0033_0077_web.jpg (455.1 KB)

    fol. 39r
    0033_0078.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0078_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0033_0078_web.jpg (418.9 KB)

    fol. 39v
    0033_0079.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0079_thumb.jpg (6.1 KB)
    0033_0079_web.jpg (388.4 KB)

    fol. 40r
    0033_0080.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0080_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    0033_0080_web.jpg (364.9 KB)

    fol. 40v
    0033_0081.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0081_thumb.jpg (5.8 KB)
    0033_0081_web.jpg (392.2 KB)

    fol. 41r
    0033_0082.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0082_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0033_0082_web.jpg (418.7 KB)

    fol. 41v
    0033_0083.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0083_thumb.jpg (6.0 KB)
    0033_0083_web.jpg (383.4 KB)

    fol. 42r
    0033_0084.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0084_thumb.jpg (4.9 KB)
    0033_0084_web.jpg (353.8 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 42r

    fol. 42v
    0033_0085.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0085_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0033_0085_web.jpg (351.8 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 42v

    fol. 43r
    0033_0086.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0086_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0086_web.jpg (347.5 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 43r

    fol. 43v
    0033_0087.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0087_thumb.jpg (4.7 KB)
    0033_0087_web.jpg (255.7 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 43v

    fol. 44r
    0033_0088.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0088_thumb.jpg (3.9 KB)
    0033_0088_web.jpg (237.3 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 44r

    fol. 44v
    0033_0089.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0089_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0033_0089_web.jpg (370.8 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 44v

    fol. 45r
    0033_0090.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0090_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
    0033_0090_web.jpg (382.2 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 45r

    fol. 45v
    0033_0091.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0091_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0033_0091_web.jpg (376.9 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 45v

    fol. 46r
    0033_0092.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0092_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0033_0092_web.jpg (365.3 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 46r

    fol. 46v
    0033_0093.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0093_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    0033_0093_web.jpg (403.3 KB)
    Decoration: Table, f. 46v

    Inside back cover
    0033_0094.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0094_thumb.jpg (3.9 KB)
    0033_0094_web.jpg (323.7 KB)

    Back cover
    0033_0095.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0095_thumb.jpg (4.9 KB)
    0033_0095_web.jpg (394.1 KB)

    0033_0096.tif (32.2 MB)
    0033_0096_thumb.jpg (3.3 KB)
    0033_0096_web.jpg (160.5 KB)