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LJS 488 Cose di geometria


Cose di geometria


Call number

LJS 488
(3420 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6206, University of Pennsylvania, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts)

Alternate identifiers


University of Pennsylvania


Italian (Venetian dialect), with three recipes in Latin (f. 17r)


Written in Italy, probably in Venice, after 1494 (date of first edition of Pacioli's Summa and dates of watermarks).
after 1494
Venice?, Italy


Excerpts from the second part of Luca Pacioli's synthesis of mathematics, first printed in Venice in 1494, concerning geometry; and from the sixth and seventh books of Leon Battista Alberti's architectural treatise De re aedificatoria, concerning the architectural orders of columns and capitals (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian). One page of recipes in Latin for ink (f. 17r) and one page of recipes in Italian for stomach ache (f. 18r) at the end of the manuscript.



Similar to Briquet Aigle 87 (Florence, 1495; Venice) and Aigle 88 (Florence, 1498; Pisa, 1497-1502; Venice, 1498).


18 leaves : 204 x 150 mm. bound to 212 x 158 mm


Paper, 18; 1-16, [17-18], contemporary foliation in ink, modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto.




Modern calf, blind-ruled.


  • Written in 18-28 long lines.
  • Decoration

    Small geometric diagrams in first work (f. 2v-8r), some with points lettered or captioned in faint red ink; 2-line faint red initials in first work (f. 1r-6r); rubrics in faint red ink throughout.


  • Written in humanistic cursive (italic) script in one hand, with recipes added at the end by a slightly later hand (f. 17r-18r).
  • Provenance

    Subjects topical




    Table of contents



    Front cover
    0019_0000.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0000_thumb.jpg (2.7 KB)
    0019_0000_web.jpg (294.8 KB)

    Inside front cover
    0019_0001.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0001_thumb.jpg (3.4 KB)
    0019_0001_web.jpg (267.4 KB)

    Flyleaf 1 recto
    0019_0002.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0002_thumb.jpg (2.8 KB)
    0019_0002_web.jpg (285.3 KB)

    Flyleaf 1 verso
    0019_0003.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0003_thumb.jpg (3.2 KB)
    0019_0003_web.jpg (276.0 KB)

    fol. 1r
    0019_0004.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0004_thumb.jpg (4.8 KB)
    0019_0004_web.jpg (381.8 KB)
    Section: Cose di geometria, f. 1r

    fol. 1v
    0019_0005.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0005_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0019_0005_web.jpg (410.5 KB)

    fol. 2r
    0019_0006.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0006_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
    0019_0006_web.jpg (388.6 KB)

    fol. 2v
    0019_0007.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0007_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0019_0007_web.jpg (389.3 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 2v

    fol. 3r
    0019_0008.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0008_thumb.jpg (4.5 KB)
    0019_0008_web.jpg (349.7 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 3r

    fol. 3v
    0019_0009.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0009_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0019_0009_web.jpg (409.1 KB)

    fol. 4r
    0019_0010.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0010_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0019_0010_web.jpg (380.9 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 4r

    fol. 4v
    0019_0011.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0011_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0019_0011_web.jpg (398.1 KB)

    fol. 5r
    0019_0012.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0012_thumb.jpg (4.9 KB)
    0019_0012_web.jpg (375.0 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 5r

    fol. 5v
    0019_0013.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0013_thumb.jpg (5.1 KB)
    0019_0013_web.jpg (403.1 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 5v

    fol. 6r
    0019_0014.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0014_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
    0019_0014_web.jpg (385.1 KB)

    fol. 6v
    0019_0015.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0015_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0019_0015_web.jpg (405.2 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 6v

    fol. 7r
    0019_0016.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0016_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
    0019_0016_web.jpg (377.7 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 7r

    fol. 7v
    0019_0017.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0017_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0019_0017_web.jpg (413.1 KB)

    fol. 8r
    0019_0018.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0018_thumb.jpg (5.0 KB)
    0019_0018_web.jpg (367.3 KB)
    Decoration: Diagram, f. 8r

    fol. 8v
    0019_0019.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0019_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0019_0019_web.jpg (398.4 KB)
    Section: Mesure de colonne e capitelli, f. 8v

    fol. 9r
    0019_0020.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0020_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0019_0020_web.jpg (388.2 KB)

    fol. 9v
    0019_0021.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0021_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0019_0021_web.jpg (387.6 KB)

    fol. 10r
    0019_0022.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0022_thumb.jpg (4.9 KB)
    0019_0022_web.jpg (371.3 KB)

    fol. 10v
    0019_0023.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0023_thumb.jpg (4.6 KB)
    0019_0023_web.jpg (355.2 KB)

    fol. 11r
    0019_0024.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0024_thumb.jpg (5.6 KB)
    0019_0024_web.jpg (392.6 KB)

    fol. 11v
    0019_0025.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0025_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0019_0025_web.jpg (372.7 KB)

    fol. 12r
    0019_0026.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0026_thumb.jpg (5.2 KB)
    0019_0026_web.jpg (386.3 KB)

    fol. 12v
    0019_0027.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0027_thumb.jpg (4.5 KB)
    0019_0027_web.jpg (352.9 KB)

    fol. 13r
    0019_0028.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0028_thumb.jpg (4.4 KB)
    0019_0028_web.jpg (363.6 KB)

    fol. 13v
    0019_0029.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0029_thumb.jpg (5.7 KB)
    0019_0029_web.jpg (394.3 KB)

    fol. 14r
    0019_0030.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0030_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0019_0030_web.jpg (402.7 KB)

    fol. 14v
    0019_0031.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0031_thumb.jpg (5.3 KB)
    0019_0031_web.jpg (399.5 KB)

    fol. 15r
    0019_0032.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0032_thumb.jpg (5.5 KB)
    0019_0032_web.jpg (403.4 KB)

    fol. 15v
    0019_0033.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0033_thumb.jpg (6.5 KB)
    0019_0033_web.jpg (438.8 KB)

    fol. 16r
    0019_0034.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0034_thumb.jpg (5.4 KB)
    0019_0034_web.jpg (424.5 KB)

    fol. 16v
    0019_0035.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0035_thumb.jpg (4.1 KB)
    0019_0035_web.jpg (378.7 KB)

    fol. 17r
    0019_0036.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0036_thumb.jpg (6.0 KB)
    0019_0036_web.jpg (424.5 KB)
    Section: Modus faciendi atramentum pro scribendo, f. 17r

    fol. 17v
    0019_0037.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0037_thumb.jpg (4.3 KB)
    0019_0037_web.jpg (386.1 KB)

    fol. 18r
    0019_0038.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0038_thumb.jpg (6.4 KB)
    0019_0038_web.jpg (413.0 KB)
    Section: Recipes for remedies for stomach ache, f. 18r

    fol. 18v
    0019_0039.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0039_thumb.jpg (4.8 KB)
    0019_0039_web.jpg (358.8 KB)

    Flyleaf 1 recto
    0019_0040.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0040_thumb.jpg (2.8 KB)
    0019_0040_web.jpg (277.6 KB)

    Flyleaf 1 verso
    0019_0041.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0041_thumb.jpg (3.0 KB)
    0019_0041_web.jpg (288.6 KB)

    Inside back cover
    0019_0042.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0042_thumb.jpg (3.0 KB)
    0019_0042_web.jpg (267.5 KB)

    Back cover
    0019_0043.tif (29.6 MB)
    0019_0043_thumb.jpg (2.6 KB)
    0019_0043_web.jpg (281.0 KB)

    0019_0044.tif (4.6 MB)
    0019_0044_thumb.jpg (1.0 KB)
    0019_0044_web.jpg (25.1 KB)