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University of Manchester Library, Special Collections

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About the Special Collections of The University of Manchester Library

The Library’s manuscripts and archives are internationally important. Their subject range is extraordinarily diverse and the collections span many centuries, from the 3rd millennium BCE to the 21st century. There is also a very wide range of formats. European manuscripts include hundreds of medieval codices, and there are major collections of Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Hebrew manuscripts. The Library holds the archives of hundreds of companies, trade unions, charities, social organizations and religious institutions, as well as individuals. Particular strengths include Nonconformist archives, modern literary archives, archives of The University of Manchester, and papers of individual scientists and academics from Manchester.

The rare book collections are amongst the finest in the world. They encompass almost all the landmarks of printing through five centuries, including magnificent illustrated books. Examples of fine printing, landmark works in typography, key historical texts and exquisite bookbindings. They cover a wide range of subjects: theology and philosophy; economic, social, political and military history; travel and exploration; literature, drama and music; art and archaeology; science and medicine. Highlights include: over 4,000 incunables; a remarkable collection of 16th-century Italian books; one of the greatest collections in the world covering the entire history of the printed Bible; internationally important collections of French Revolutionary material, Nonconformist literature, and scientific and medical texts.

The Library’s significant Visual Collection comprises: paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, textiles, ceramics, glass, archives, manuscripts, prints, papers, illustrated and painted books, and associated objects. Dating from the ancient world to the present, its representation of visual culture is excellent, of international scope, importance and interest.

OPenn includes some of the items from the Hebrew Collections. The Hebrew manuscripts comprise over 400 items, dating from the 14th to the 19th centuries and ranging geographically as far afield as Morocco, Yemen and Honan in China, as well as Europe; they include magnificent Torah scrolls, prayer-books, apocryphal writings, commentaries, treatises, letters, marriage contracts and piyyûtîm. For more information on all of the special collections available at the University of Manchester Library see:

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