St. Peter's Church of Philadelphia

St. Peter's Church of Philadelphia

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About St. Peter's Church

In 1758 the vestry of Christ Church authorized the construction of a new chapel at Third and Pine Streets to accomodate its members living in the southern section of the city. St. Peter's Church and Christ Church shared the same vestry, ministers, and records and until they formally separated in 1832 were known as the United Churches of Christ Church and St. Peter's. The formal separation agreement stipulated that records created prior to 1832 were to be maintained by Christ Church so researchers looking for pre-1832 information should check Christ Church's collections. Records created after 1832 are maintained by St. Peter's, an active parish. Scanned for this project are minutes, pew rents and registers.

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The materials from St. Peter's Church on OPenn were scanned as part of a CLIR-funded project to digitize the early records of Philadelphia’s oldest congregations. Materials were digitized at the Regional Digital Imaging Center of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.

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Archival masters are at least 300 ppi 24-bit color uncompressed TIFF images. Most images are scanned at 600 ppi. Archival images have been cropped and rotated, but have not been sharpened or color adjusted. The images use the AdobeRGB profile.

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