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About Quaker and Special Collections, Haverford College

Quaker & Special Collections contains Haverford College's world-renowned Quaker Collection, College archives, rare books and manuscripts, and fine art. The College seeks to collect, preserve, and make available materials which serve the research and teaching needs of the Haverford community as well as the wider scholarly community. The world-renowned Quaker collections illuminate Quaker life, faith, and practice from the earliest days of the Society of Friends to the present day and in many parts of the world. Materials include early books and pamphlets, meeting records, organization and family papers, journals and diaries, English and American Quaker serials, and audio-visual materials. Archival holdings document the history and operations of Haverford College from its founding in 1833 to present. Other strengths include literature (particularly Shakespeare and the work that influenced him), natural history, science, American History, and a small but interesting collection of 13th through 19th-century illuminated manuscripts in Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic. Our photographic holdings document the history of photography and photographic technology, and include prints by many of the greatest 19th and 20th century photographers. The collections are open to all.

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